Pinterest at Advertising Week: Why ads stand out when they fit in

Man shopping at surf shop
The power of inspiration

Ads have always been about helping people decide what to buy. But the best campaigns inspire people, and help them decide who to be.

One of my favorite examples is outdoor and fitness retailer REI. As part of an ongoing campaign, REI closes all of their stores on Black Friday—the biggest shopping day of the year—to encourage customers and employees to kick off the holiday season by enjoying the outdoors. The #optoutside campaign encourages people to spend time in nature—to be the kind of people who do that.
Some people thought REI was crazy when they first launched the campaign. But the company’s CEO told Business Insider that the campaign has helped REI avoid the retail apocalypse.

What do we stand for?

No, I’m not suggesting all retailers shut their doors on Black Friday. I am suggesting we ask ourselves how we’ll make sure someone picks our brand when they’re looking for what we’re offering. Before they decide to buy from us, they have to decide on our brand.

They’ll choose us if they find our ads inspiring, if our ads help them get to where they want to be, whether that’s something small like a new look for fall or something big like decorating their first home.

They’ll choose us if they like what our brand stands for. Today, 62% of consumers globally want brands to take a stand on issues that matter to them.1 Among cause-oriented millennials, that number is likely to stay high.

But they can only choose us if we’re there when they’re making their decision.

From dreams to decisions

At Pinterest, we’re helping people act on their dreams. People come to our platform with their wishes and hopes: landscaping the backyard, finding the perfect color to paint the kitchen, keeping track of books to read or serving a sumptuous holiday feast. And they're open to hearing from brands.

They might not know exactly what their dream is, or how to make it happen, but they’ll know what they like when they see it.

That’s why ads are more likely to enhance the experience on Pinterest than detract from it, as is often the case on some other platforms. In fact, people on Pinterest are more than twice as likely to say Pinterest ads feel more personalized to them than ads on other platforms.2

On Pinterest, your ad gets to be the answer to people’s dreams: ideas for a new couch for the TV room, tattoo designs, exotic travel destinations.

See you soon!

I’ll be talking about how you can use Pinterest to inspire your customers at Advertising Week later this month, sharing the anatomy of an inspiring ad as well as updates to our ad products. Join me on Wednesday, September 25 at 10:30am Eastern at AMC Lincoln Square, the Impact Makers Stage in New York

The entire Pinterest team is excited to join the conversation about the future of the industry at Advertising Week September 23-26. Connect with us there to learn more about inspired marketing. You’ll see our full line-up of speakers below. 

Can’t make it to Advertising Week this year? We’ll miss you, but you can still follow us for on-the-spot updates and insights from our team on the ground. We look forward to seeing you—either in New York or across our social channels!

—Jon Kaplan, currently saving to Nashville

Pinterest @ Advertising Week 2019


The FQ Lounge @ Advertising Week

Monday, 9/23 - 11am Eastern

The Sugar Factory - 1991 Broadway

Join Pinterest’s Global Head of Industry and Experiential Marketing, Judy Lee, with a panel on bringing the human voice back to marketing featuring Hayley Romer, Chief Revenue Officer and Publisher, The Atlantic, Maggie Gross, Head of Strategy, Heat/Deloitte, and Cristina Jones SVP of Customer Marketing, Brand Partnerships & C-Suite Engagement, Salesforce.


Wired brand storytellers

Monday, 9/23 - 12:30pm EST

AMC Lincoln Square - Story Crafters Stage

Join Pinterest’s Global Head of Vertical Strategy and Marketing, Vikram Bhaskaran, in a panel discussion with Martha Boudrea, EVP & Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, AARP, Pedro Earp, Joint Chief Marketing & ZX Ventures Officer, AB InBev and Suzy Deering, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, eBay North America around how to share brand messages in authentic and creative ways.


Brand Innovators: Building a 21st Century Brand

Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 9:30am Eastern

Viacom White Box - 1515 Broadway

Join Pinterest’s Global Head of Industry and Experiential Marketing, Judy Lee, in conversation with Andrea Hopelain, Vice President, Global Brand Management and Marketing, Electronic Arts (EA), Luis Spencer Freitas, Director, Omni-Channel & Innovation, LVMH, and Kamal Bhandal, Sr. Director, Consumer Marketing, Invisalign, Align Technology around building brands for modern consumers. 


Design for inspiration, not interruption

Tuesday, 9/24 - 3:45pm Eastern

AMC Lincoln Square - Roundel Stage @ IMAX

Join Pinterest CMO Andréa Mallard in a discussion with Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale, about designing for inspiration—whether you’re creating a more inspiring ad or a more inspired life.


She Runs It: Breakfast with the Best of the Badass Bosses

Wednesday, 9/25 - 7:45am Eastern

New York Times building - 242 West 41st Street

Pinterest’s Global Head of Agency & Ads Partners, Yolanda Lam, will lead a roundtable discussion around building teams, breaking through barriers and earning the admiration of your colleagues.


iProspect Roundtable: Those Who Tell The Stories, Rule The World

Wednesday, 9/25 - 10:15am Eastern

Hudson Yards

Join Pinterest’s Creative Strategy Lead, Sean Daily, Sarah Harrison, SVP, Creative Studio, VICE, Josh Dean, CMO, S'Well, Geoff Colon, Head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio, Todd Haskell, CMO, Hearst, and Chanelle Kalfas of T Brand Studio, The New York Times in conversation around the future of narrative.


Make your ad their answer

Wednesday, 9/25 - 10:15am Eastern

AMC Lincoln Stage - Workshop Stage

Join Pinterest’s Head of Creative Strategy, Andy Holton, as he dives into tips and tricks brands can use take people from “I dreamed it” to “I did it.”


Disney + Pinterest: Bringing the magic back to commerce

Wednesday, 9/25 - 1:00pm Eastern

AMC Lincoln Square - Ad Shapers Stage

Join Pinterest’s US Head of Partnerships, Bill Watkins and Tom Aronson, Director of Customer Engagement, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, in conversation with Campaign US Editor Lindsay Stein about how to meaningfully engage with consumers and guests. 


Driving brand love through every experience

Wednesday, 9/25 - 1:30pm Eastern

AMC Lincoln Stage - Insight Drivers Stage

Join Pinterest’s Head of Measurement Science and Insights, Gunnard Johnson, in a conversation with Jennie Weber, VP, Customer & User Experience, Best Buy about how retailers are evolving the customer experience to bring their brands to life for customers. 


Radical mentorship: AD Club NY Young Pros

Wednesday, 9/25 - 4:30pm Eastern

AMC Lincoln Square - NewGen Stage

Join Pinterest’s US Head of Partnerships, Meredith Guerriero, in conversation with Estie Wassner, Junior Art Director, Barker, on the subject of mentorship.


Brand Innovators: Marketing Innovation

Thursday, 9/26 - 10:30am Eastern

Pinterest’s Industry Lead for Restaurants, Mike Chuthakieo will be leading a fireside chat with Burger King’s CMO Fernando Machado.


TAP Summit: Make your ad their answer

Thursday, 9/26 at 2pm Eastern

Apella - 450 East 29th Street

Join Pinterest’s Head of CPG Strategy, Arthur Sevilla, as he shares how brands bring people from dreams to decisions on Pinterest.


Is a Comprehensive Family Leave Policy Good for Business?

Thursday, 9/26 at 5:15pm EST

AMC Lincoln Square - Impact Makers Stage

Join Pinterest’s US Head of Partnerships, Meredith Guerriero, in conversation with Mike Rothman CEO, Fatherly, Thai Randolph, GM and EVP, Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Network, Dia Simms, President Combs Enterprises, and John Dioso Studio 30 Editor, Ad Age, on the subject of comprehensive family leave


1Accenture, “Accenture Strategy Global Consumer Pulse Research,” Global data, December 2018

2TalkShoppe, US, Pinterest Personalization & Relevance Study, June 2018