Picture this: Advertising that goes beyond words

Picture this: Advertising that goes beyond words

Unlocking the magic of visual discovery technology

Pinners do over 2 billion keyword searches each month. But finding ideas on Pinterest isn't just about typing words into a box. Pinners also search using nothing but the Pin images they find here on Pinterest. In fact, we also see over  250 million visual searches a month.

That means millions of opportunities to apply sophisticated machine learning to the problem of identifying what’s in all those images. We’ve already learned to identify over 1 billion objects. And each time someone pinpoints the part of an image they want to  search, our visual discovery technology gets smarter.

All this info helps us connect people to Pins based on what interests them most, until they find just the thing they’re looking for.

Just like music services analyze the notes, tempo and genre of songs to understand your tastes, our visual discovery technology identifies characteristics within an image—like colors, shapes and textures. We’re able to understand the different elements of an image that make it appealing to Pinners, even when that can’t be communicated with words.

Understanding what people like to see helps us connect them to the ideas they love most. So Pinners can find the products they want, in the most personalized and relevant way to date.

More relevant ads

When a potential customer spots a table they like the looks of on Pinterest, visual discovery helps us recognize the style, textures and shapes that make it unique. We can identify it as a “rectangular, mid-century modern dining table,” and show similar products that match the look and feel.

We help people find your ads in the very same way, connecting people to products they like the looks of, but don’t quite have the vocabulary to describe. As a result, your ads feel more relevant, and they can reach audiences you may not have considered before. And it all happens automatically. You don’t have to do a thing.

More places to reach your audience

Not only does visual discovery help bring your ads to the people who want to see them most, we’ve also expanded the places your promoted content will appear. Now your Promoted Pins show up in both Instant Ideas and the related Pins in the “More like this” section under each Pin. (And in the future, Lens results!)

When something catches a Pinner’s eye in their home feed, they can discover related ideas and Promoted Pins just by tapping the Instant Ideas O. And if they’re looking at a Pin closeup, they can scroll down to discover related ideas and Promoted Pins inspired by the Pin they’re looking at.

These new placement opportunities give businesses like yours added visibility, and visual discovery makes your Pins feel more relevant. And Pinners? They see exactly the products they’re looking for.

—Umesh Unnikrishnan, currently saving ideas to Rajastan and Jiajing Xu, saving ideas to Birds