People on Pinterest are revved up for the latest cars

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Reaching new car early adopters

Compared to people who don’t use Pinterest, people on the platform are...

  • 28% more likely to buy a new vehicle within the first 90 days of a release3
  • 31% more likely to buy a new SUV model after a new release4
  • 13% more likely to buy a new truck model after a new release5
Joe Kyriakoza
Group Vice President of Brand Partnerships, Oracle Data Cloud
“People who use Pinterest tend to be trailblazers for the latest products. We’ve seen that come through in multiple rounds of research over the years, whether it’s a study about grocery shopping or in this case, buying new cars.”

Seeing success with auto advertising

When it came time for Toyota to take their all-new Avalon on the road, they wanted to increase awareness and purchase consideration among a younger, lifestyle-oriented crowd. They used a Promoted Video campaign to get their brand in front of the right people. 

The end result? Millennials and Gen Xers who saw the ads on Pinterest were more aware of the car and more likely to purchase it, than people who didn’t see those videos.6

Nancy Inouye
National Media Manager, Toyota North America
“...The strategic mix of various ad types and visually impactful creative made this the strongest performing Pinterest campaign to date. We were also thrilled with the higher than benchmark results...”

Searching for auto inspiration

Pinterest now reaches 1 in 2 US adults who plan to buy a car in the next six months.7 That gives auto brands a huge opportunity to reach people shopping for a new vehicle with messages about newly released cars and model updates. 

What’s more? People are actively using Pinterest to learn more about their car shopping options. Over 7 million people on Pinterest engage with car-related content,8 giving auto brands the chance to get in the fast lane and reach people as they start thinking about what kind of car they want next.

Putting these insights in drive

Pinterest households are more likely to buy newly released cars, making Pinterest a great place for automakers to market their new launches. With interest targeting you can reach people most likely to be in the market for a new car, based on car-related topics they’ve engaged with, or work with our sales team to create a custom audience based on life-stage.

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