Nilla Wafers: using Pinterest to help people reconnect with a beloved brand

Use the Follow button in your marketing

Nilla Wafers started using the Follow button and invited people who follow them on other networks to follow them on Pinterest, too. When someone follows you on Pinterest, any new Pins you create will show up in their home feed and they’ll be more likely to Pin them or visit your website. 

Create timely, well-curated campaigns

Nilla Wafers knew they wanted to connect with customers who enjoy baking, so they created a board for National Cheesecake Day (July 30th, in case you’re wondering) and filled it up with lots of Pins. They also Pinned a variety of cheesecake recipes, some of which didn’t even call for Nilla Wafers. The board worked well because it was well-curated and felt just like a regular Pinner’s board. 

Get creative with how you show your content

Nilla Wafers’ Deconstructed Recipes board was a different way to show off recipes. They found that using visually interesting, vertical Pins with step-by-step recipe instructions captured people’s attention. 


—Kim O'Rourke, currently saving ideas to nom-ables