New Year, New You

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Pinterest resolutions

Some 18 million Pinners engage with New Year-related content on Pinterest each year, saving some 63 million ideas.2  61% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they find ideas to be their best selves.3 Top resolution categories on Pinterest that matter for brands include Health/Food, Home/Organization, Style, Travel and Beauty/Skincare.

Pinterest helps Pinners turn their resolutions into tangible goals organized within boards. Achieving a resolution is a year-long process, and Pinners can use monthly planners on Pinterest to ensure they are making progress. They can also collaborate on goals with friends and family by sharing and building boards together. By tapping the “tried it” checkmark, they can show others once they’ve accomplished a goal.

Opportunity for brands

Brands on Pinterest have a great opportunity to be part of the resolutions process, as Pinners are always looking for new ideas to inspire them, especially in the New Year. Nearly three quarters—73%—of Pinners say content from brands is useful on Pinterest, including organic and Promoted Pins.4

Think about ways that your brand can help Pinners looking to make 2018 a better year. It could be ideas about ways to eat better, get in shape, spruce up homes, or broaden horizons through travel or other experiences. Because people come to Pinterest for ideas about what to do next, showing your products in real-life situations will help people get a feel for them and be compelled to act.

Here are some ideas of ways to inspire Pinners with ideas from the Pinterest 100, our predictions for the top 100 trends of 2018:

Health/ Food:

People are always looking to eat better. Searches pertaining to mental health and wellness are also on the rise, demonstrating a more holistic sense of well-being for Pinners this year.

Here are some healthy food trend predictions, along with targetable interests you can use to reach people likely to be into those trends:

  • Self-care retreats, saves +537% | Targetable interests: Meditation, brain training, hot yoga, desk yoga, aromatherapy, sleep rituals
  • Healthy coffee, saves +218% | Targetable interests: Healthy drinks, superfoods, coffee, healthy breakfasts, vegan smoothies

Check out our Food and Drink specific tips to learn more about how to create Pins that will appeal to people resolved to eat and drink better this year.


In the home space, Pinners are focused on large and small renovation projects—especially ones that will help them get organized. Saves for “organization” ideas are up 30%.5 And 60% of Pinners say Pinterest has influenced their home decor purchase decisions.6

Here are some trends seeing an uptick in the home space and some targetable interests to reach Pinners exploring these ideas:

  • Statement ceilings, saves +310% | Targetable interests: Wallpapers, modern decoration, contemporary interior, ceiling lamps
  • Mixed metals, saves +423% | Targetable interests: Modern decoration, eclectic decor, remodels, home accents

Here are our Home specific tips to help keep your brand top of mind for home renovations and decor updates.


Many Pinners look to the New Year for a wardrobe reset. Statement pieces for men and women are on the rise.

Here are some of the most popular style-related trends and associated targetable interests:

  • Women’s style: Structured earrings, saves +947% | Targetable interests: Hoop earrings, bronze jewelry
  • Men’s style: Microprints, searches +476% | Targetable interests: Men’s outfits by pattern, men styles

These Style specific tips will ensure your brand is making the most of your pin.


Travelers on Pinterest are looking for ways make their trips more meaningful. In doing so, they are broadening their searches beyond tourist spots and experimenting with new ways of documenting their journeys.

Here are some of our travel predictions and related targetable interests:

  • Travel journals, saves +169% | Targetable interests: Travel scrapbook
  • Living like a local, saves +146% | Targetable interests: Cultural trips

Here are some Creative tips for travel pins. Beautiful imagery still reigns supreme for successful travel pins. As Pinners dig in to their destination research, we’re seeing increased popularity in “How to” instructional Pins rich in organizational tips for packing, itineraries and great photo ops.

Beauty/ Skincare:

Beauty is booming on Pinterest with a 75% increase in Pins year over year.7 Pinners are currently going back to basics with a focus on first getting their skincare right.

Here are some of the top Beauty and Skincare trends, which will likely play into skincare and beauty purchasing in the coming year:

  • Vitamin C serum, saves +3379% | Targetable interests: Serum
  • Cleansing oils, searches +555% | Targetable interests: Nail oil, hair oil, essential oils, body oils, cleanser

We have put together some Beauty specific tips to showcase successful creative for beauty pins.


—Thea Carp, currently saving to Design


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