New targeting tools make Pinterest ads even more effective

setting up audiences in Pinterest Ads Manager

Targeting on Pinterest drives results

The businesses we’ve worked with to test these targeting options have already seen dramatic results. For some, visitor retargeting increased clickthrough rates by 3x. For others, lookalike targeting increased clickthrough rates as much as 63% and boosted reach up to 30x.

These early successes are a testament to Pinterest as a platform of intent, where people all over the world find ideas for things to buy and do. At the core, there’s a natural alignment between what people use Pinterest for and what marketers want to achieve—and that’s why advertising on Pinterest is so effective.

Want more proof? Mary Meeker’s latest internet trends report notes that 55% of people use Pinterest for shopping, and a new study from Oracle Data Cloud proves Promoted Pins drive in-store sales.

To learn the ins and outs of setting up audiences, head over to the Help Center or get started today.

—Frank Fumarola, currently saving ideas to Doggy Ideas