New! Start building integrations with Pinterest

Once someone logs in to your app with Pinterest, you’ll be able to:
  • Give them a personalized, curated experience based on their boards and Pins
  • Let them easily create multiple Pins or boards to get more of your content distributed across Pinterest
  • Help make Pins come to life (like with an app that uses recipe Pins to order ingredients from a store)
For inspiration, check out how a couple of our beta partners added extra Pinning power to their businesses:

Polyvore used the Pinterest API to give their members a way to easily save fashion, beauty and home decor sets from their site as Pins. Since launch, the number of Pins saved from Polyvore has jumped by a whopping 1000%. These Pins are also driving traffic back to Polyvore: Clicks from Pinterest have increased by 35%.

IFTTT helps you get the most out of your connected life, and now with Pinterest APIs you can seamlessly save Instagram photos, Reddit upvotes, Etsy favorites and more as Pins. The number of people who are Pinning with IFTTT is increasing 14% each week and the number of Pins being added from IFTTT has grown 33% week over week.

Ready to build? Just head on over to our developers site, where you’ll find all the info and tools you need.

Cat Lee, currently saving ideas to What to wear