New measurement solutions show how intent turns to action on Pinterest

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People use Pinterest to find new possibilities and bring them to life. That provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach people when they’re planning to act and open to new ideas.

Today, we’re adding six new measurement solutions so businesses gain clearer insight into their Pinterest performance. Brands can now work with Acxiom, Analytic Partners, IRI, Neustar MarketShare, Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. These partners join the eight existing measurement partners in our Marketing Partners program.


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We’re also excited to share fresh insights from recent measurement and audience studies with Analytic Partners, Neustar MarketShare, Nielsen and Oracle Data Cloud. These results show the value of reaching people when they’re on Pinterest and looking to take action. Here are some of the key themes coming out of our newest research:

Pinterest drives consumer action

People associate Pinterest with taking action. 98% of Pinners report trying new things they find on Pinterest, compared to an average of only 71% across social media platforms.1 Before they even open the app, they intend to act—and then Pinterest guides them to a confident decision.

Pinners spend more than non-Pinners

Oracle Data Cloud and Pinterest conducted a series of DLX ROI studies showing that people who use Pinterest shop and spend more than the general public. This held true across a mix of categories, including retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and automotive. For example: Pinners are 39% more likely to be active retail shoppers—and when they shop, they spend 29% more than people who don’t use Pinterest.2

Our CPG sales lift norms continue to rise

Overall, our average CPG sales lift increased 82% in 2016, over 2015 rates.3 The Oracle Data Cloud analysis showed that 92% of Pinterest CPG campaigns measured drove a positive lift in sales.4

Brands see assisted sales impact on top of direct impact

People use Pinterest to shape their consideration set, which makes Pinterest an early touchpoint in the path to purchase. In a recent study by Neustar MarketShare, Pinterest had a higher ratio of converting impressions that touched the consumer first vs. last, out of any digital, social or search platform.5  

Marketing dollars go further

Brands see more than sales lifts—they see strong campaign ROI, too. When Analytic Partners studied Pinterest campaigns in the context of total marketing spend, Pinterest delivered $2 in profit for every $1 the advertiser spent on Pinterest.6 That outperformed all other categories, including digital as a whole, TV, and channels like print or out of home.7


We’re committed to helping brands prove the value and impact of their Pinterest marketing. Our new measurement solutions and partners will help us do just that. As these new partnerships evolve, we’ll share additional data—so keep your eyes peeled!

—Gunnard Johnson, currently saving ideas to Ireland Trip


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