New! Create offline-to-online experiences with Pincodes

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How Pincodes work

Pinners are already using their Pinterest camera to find visual inspiration and ideas. With Pincodes, now you can be a part of that magic, and use Pinterest’s visual discovery tools to connect people out in the world to your specially curated content on Pinterest.

When someone comes across your Pincode, all they have to do is open their Pinterest camera and hold it up to scan. You can take them to any of your boards on Pinterest, or even send them right to your profile to see everything you’ve got to offer.

All the possibilities of Pincodes

Right now, Nordstrom is using Pincodes to help their customers gear up for the holidays. By strategically placing Pincodes throughout their stores, they’re reaching people in those moments when they’ve got some downtime to fill (think: waiting in line). All people have to do is pull out their phone to unlock a little inspiration, like Nordstrom’s carefully curated board of gifts under $100.

Bringing online ideas to life

And that’s just one way to use Pincodes. Pincodes can bring online ideas to life across all kinds of situations and industries.

  • Magazines can use Pincodes to bring their print stories to life. REAL SIMPLE is using Pincodes in their December issue to share exclusive digital content from their Pinterest boards.
  • Food brands can use Pincodes to inspire people to use their products in new ways. Kraft Heinz will be using Pincodes on an upcoming product to show people easy recipes and hacks.
  • Car companies can use Pincodes to show off new features and functionality. For example, Kia is creating a Pincodes display at the LA Auto Show to showcase design features for the all-new, 2018 Kia Stinger.
  • You can even use Pincodes as an extension of your Pinterest campaigns. Like The Home Depot, which will feature Pincodes in select stores as an extension of their Built in Pins campaign, providing how-to content and giving customers the confidence to take on projects for themselves.

The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is shape the offline-to-online experience you want your customers to have.

Brian Hovis
Vice President of Marketing, Nordstrom
“This holiday season, when customers scan Pincodes in stores, they’ll instantly see even more Nordstrom gifting and beauty ideas on Pinterest. This is an example of Nordstrom trying to creatively blend digital and in-store experiences to inspire, excite and make shopping that much more convenient for our customers.”

Create your own Pincodes

Today we’re introducing a new functionality that lets businesses instantly create a Pincode for their profile or any one of their boards. In the meantime, if you’d like more information about how to use Pincodes for your business, just reach out to your Pinterest account team.

Looking forward to seeing your Pincodes out in the world!

—Nancy Jeng, currently saving to artspiration ideas