There are some scary-good opportunities to connect with people on Pinterest this Halloween. Almost everyone loves celebrating Halloween, with 75% of them handing out candy and 45% decorating their homes, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). And many of them will be coming to Pinterest looking for ideas to dress up their homes with fresh takes on classic Halloween traditions.

Last year, people saved 166m ideas for Halloween decor! Plus, the NRF says that on average people planning their Halloween decor will spend over $20, with total spending in this area expected to reach $1.9 billion. Pinners have been saving Halloween ideas since summer, and “Halloween house” searches are already up by 54% this year! Here are a few tips for how you can help people haunt their front door with easy, affordable decor.

Help Pinners work with what they’ve got

Pinners love fresh ideas...

With millions of people tuning into the Emmys on September 18th, all eyes will be on…Pinterest! (Well, maybe not all eyes, but definitely a whole lot of them: it turns out that 45% of people on Pinterest are likely to hang out on our platform while they're watching TV).

So as folks curl up on the couch to watch their fave shows pick up awards, they’ll also be picking up their phones and pulling up Pinterest. In fact, 64% of our users tell us they pay more attention to what they’re doing on Pinterest than what they’re watching on TV—and 44% of them will engage with Pinterest for the show’s entirety, regardless of whether it’s on a commercial break or not.

64% of our users tell us they pay more attention to what they’re doing on Pinterest than what they’re watching on TV—and 44%</body></html>...

Most of the ideas on Pinterest come from businesses. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest makes it easy for people to welcome businesses who are sharing the actionable, relevant ideas that they’re hoping to discover. People come to Pinterest open-minded, and they’re ready to act when something exciting shows up. We’re working to make it even easier for businesses of any size to reach this receptive audience by making it simple to promote your Pins. Now, U.S. businesses can launch campaigns in just a few quick steps.

Pinners are always hungry for new food ideas. Every day, people use Pinterest to find recipes, snack inspiration and meal-planning tips. In 2015 alone, Pinners saved nearly 4b food ideas. Since Pinners love to search and save food-related Pins, we always have a pulse on what’s trending.

So what’s cooking with Pinners these days? To find out, we had our insights team whip up the 2016 Flavor Report. This freshly-baked report shows that Pinners love to get creative, whether they’re writing their own recipes or buying packaged foods at the grocery store. From new takes on herbs to clever ingredient substitutions, here are the hottest flavor trends on Pinterest right now:

Secret weapon spices

New York Fashion Week has been in full force for the past week, capturing the imagination of fashionistas worldwide. We’ve seen new looks spring up by the minute, from catwalk couture to low-key street style. While the shows feature collections for Spring 2017, you can’t expect inspired Pinners to wait that long. We’re already seeing spring trends pop on Pinterest, as Pinners look for ways to adapt new fashion ideas to their everyday lives.

Compared to the general public, Pinners are 2x more likely to follow fashion trends. Once they spot looks they want to try, they use Pinterest to find ideas for bringing their creative visions to life. In fact, 53% of Pinners say they use Pinterest to decide what clothing and accessories to buy. So if you’re in the fashion business, you’ll want to make sure your Pins are always dressed to the nines....