About a month ago, we launched audiences, which let businesses bring their own data to Pinterest to better reach the people they care about. Audiences can help drive both reach—we saw 10-30x increases in impressions in early lookalike targeting tests—and performance—we saw 3x increases in clickthroughs in early visitor retargeting tests. Here are some tips to help you see similar results for your business.

Know how targeting affects placement

Depending on how you target your campaigns, your Promoted Pins will appear in different locations across Pinterest. If you target audiences only, your Pins will serve in home feed and two categories: everything and popular. You can also layer interests, keywords, devices, genders and locations on top of audiences to target specific opportunities in search and categories.


Segment your audiences to...

Crafting the perfect Pin to drive traffic to your site doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can create a great Pin by repurposing your business’ existing email, website and social assets with Photoshop or image editing sites like Canva and PicMonkey.

A/B testing Pins with online retailer, von Holzhausen

We worked with von Holzhausen, a LA-based business that sells minimalist luxury accessories exclusively online to craft beautiful and engaging Promoted Pins with existing product images. We used a free template on Canva to create a multi-image Pin featuring three tote bags and added their logo and a simple text overlay.

We put our Pin to the test and ran two Promoted Pin campaigns, one with the multi-product Pin we created on Canva, and the other using a single product image saved directly from von Holzhausen’s site.

This is the Pin image we created:...

Summer’s here—time to break out the bathing suits and plan that exotic vacation. 62% of people on Pinterest say they use the platform to help them plan their travels, so it’s no surprise that travel is one of our top 10 categories with 780 million Pins saved by 16 million people on Pinterest this last year alone.

What does summer travel on Pinterest look like? Skip the foodie walks or scenic city views: People on Pinterest are going off the grid and looking for an outdoor adventure. From the Carolina shores to the Mediterranean coast, beaches topped the most searched list with 3.5 million searches. In addition to the great outdoors, people are also interested in active trips and tips for packing.

Also popular this summer are Pins about cruises, which have grown 20% in the past year with 26.5 million Pins. And Millennial travel plans are...

It’s summertime and people on Pinterest are saving ideas for what to wear and how to style themselves during warm, muggy nights.

That’s because Pinterest is the largest beauty platform in the world, with more than 38.5 million unique viewers of hair and beauty content. People are looking to experts for everything from the latest products to try, to tips and tutorials for everyday looks and special occasions.

To help your business get ahead of what your customers care about, we’ve put together our first trend report for businesses focused on beauty. Using last year’s data, we pinpointed which skin care, makeup, hair and nail ideas people are into the most—all to help you make better decisions about your marketing.

Download our 2016 beauty report today.

—Stephanie Kumar, currently saving ideas to beauty...

Remember the days when your actual mailbox was stuffed fuller than your digital inbox? Kids today might have Oculus Rift and iPads to entertain them, but they will never know the sheer joy of opening the mailbox to find that the JCPenny’s back-to-school lookbook or the Sears Wish Book had arrived.

Brittany Mohr, a member of Pinterest’s Growth Partnerships Team, can relate. In a recent panel discussion at SocialPro in Seattle, Mohr expanded on the unique experience of that catalog as product. “At my house, the dELiA*s catalog was a prized possession,” she remembers. “When it would arrive, I'd run upstairs with a pen in hand to circle products and dogear pages, daydreaming about the items I wanted.”

She didn’t know it at the time, but this practice is every company's dream customer behavior: A consumer highly motivated to buy, but also not entirely sure yet what they...