More than milk and cookies: 3 must do’s to make the holidays a hit

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Pinterest is the primary platform for meal planning

With over 5 billion searches and saves last year, Pinterest is the largest mobile destination for food and beverage ideas in the US.1 Pinners are being inspired to build holiday boards early, in some cases starting as early as October. Ironically, one of the most common search terms still turns out to be “last minute!”

Searches for holiday food and beverage ideas jumped 30% last year, and those numbers are expected to rise again this year.2 Pinners are active searchers, and they convert the inspiration they find into in-store purchases, spending 5% more on groceries than the national average.3

Here are some best practices for reaching food and beverage shoppers on Pinterest this holiday season:

Make a list (and check it twice)

Place holiday content on Pinterest early. People on Pinterest start looking for inspiring holiday meal ideas, recipes and shopping lists at least two months early. Searches for Thanksgiving recipes begin to increase in early September and Christmas recipe searches pick-up in October.4

Try to find a wine pairing

Where appropriate, don’t forget the wine! Wine pairings and wine-related recipe saves and searches on Pinterest increase by 35% during the holiday season.5 Wine is a favorite gift, with 77% of consumers planning to bring wine to an event they’re hosting or attending.6 Cheers to that!

Save room for dessert

This might just be the most popular part of any meal! So it’s no surprise that dessert continues to be a favorite topic on Pinterest, with a 41% year increase in saves last year.7 But it’s not all about indulgence—desserts incorporating healthy ingredients like carrots and pumpkin are leading early trends. Other areas to explore include replacing the standard plate or pie dish with creative single-serving indulgences that incorporate mugs and jars!

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—Arthur Sevilla, saving ideas to what’s in my closet?


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