More building blocks for businesses to create beautiful, actionable ideas

Jack Threads

Over 150 million people come to Pinterest every month looking to decide what’s for dinner, where to go on vacation, how to decorate at home and more. These Pinners welcome businesses because the beautiful, actionable ideas they’re hoping to discover so often come from them. And we want to make sure that what businesses share on Pinterest is some of the most save-worthy stuff.

Advertising on Pinterest plays a big role in helping inspire people and bring their ideas to life. When Pinners engage with your ideas, it matters. More than just showing that they like something, engagement on Pinterest signals that people are ready to act on the ideas you’ve shared with them. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that promoted content continues to make Pinterest better for everyone.

Since launching Promoted Pins 2 years ago, we’ve focused on making them quick and uncomplicated for Pinners to engage with, while delivering strong, measurable results for businesses. When someone finds an interesting idea on Pinterest, we want it to be easy for them to do more with it. So we’re developing a collection of Promoted Pins designed to bring every kind of idea to life. Here’s a few of our latest updates.

Promoted App Pins

Discovering things on Pinterest is easy, and we’ve been experimenting with new ways to make it simple for people to take the natural next steps, too. Over the last few months, we’ve begun introducing Promoted App Pins, which help people on Pinterest discover and then download iOS apps directly from the Pin. Since they don’t have to leave Pinterest to complete their transaction, these Pins are proving to be both useful and engaging! Partners like JackThreads and Covet Fashion are already seeing great results in early tests of the new format!

One-tap Promoted Pins

This month, we’re adding to our offerings with One-tap Promoted Pins, which make it easier for people to take action on the ideas they’re most interested in. With just one tap, these Pins take people straight to the source where the content originated from! This makes it simple for Pinners to do more—like learn about your product and complete a purchase—right on your business site.

This newest addition is still in testing, but we’re already seeing impressive results for businesses like, Fossil, Topshop, Ted Baker and others who’ve partnered with us. Over time, One-tap Promoted Pins will become increasingly available to businesses with helpful, high quality ads and relevant, actionable landing pages.


Want to learn more about the types of Pins you can use to help grow your business? Check out Pinterest Ads Manager.

—Francis Larkin, currently saving ideas to Fun with Lasers