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The Time-Saver

Both a party lover and a realist, The Time-Saver wants the fun of hosting without the hassle. To make the most of their holidays they look for ways to make things convenient, whether it’s using pre-prepared ingredients in a dish or a party decor kit to quickly spice up a room.

They don’t mind if their holiday comes in a box—if it’s simple, straightforward and quick, it’s perfect. Food brands will want to showcase how to use products to make easy holidays meals, including both practical advice and quick ways to customize the dish. When it comes to gift-giving, The Time-Saver wants to find the right gift in as little time as possible. Make it easy by suggesting recipient-specific gifts, like ones for siblings or spouses.

This holiday season, utilize these categories and interests to reach new customers like The Time-Saver:

  • Top categories5: food & beverage (68%), toys and games (67%), holiday / seasonal decorations (61%)
  • Targetable interests: christmas party, food and drink, holiday recipes, home decor, personal care

The Gifter

Generous and huge-hearted, The Gifter makes the holidays more magical. They’re most likely to be focused on others, and they won’t skimp on spending money to find the perfect gift. In fact, 86% plan on spending more than $250 or more this season.5

The Gifter doesn’t want anyone to feel left out, so they’ll buy gifts for nearly everyone, from family to friends to coworkers. They come to Pinterest to find new and excellent gift ideas, so make sure to emphasize the quality of the product you provide. Help them find the right gifts by suggesting products for different recipients—one for their spouse, one for a parent, etc.

To get in front of these magical gift-givers, take advantage of these top categories and targetable interests:

  • Top categories5: clothing and footwear (78%), toys and games (69%), holiday / seasonal decorations (68%)
  • Targetable interests: casual outfits, home decor, holidays, diy and crafts, education

The Guest

With a passion for partying, The Guest would much rather show up to a get-together than host one. They tend to splurge on themselves for the holidays, but they also know just what to bring to the parties they attend.

The Guest loves to be part of the party and to bring things for their hosts, including alcoholic beverages. Your brand can inspire them by showcasing products that would make great gifts for a party-thrower, like cocktails and beverage accessories. Incorporate creative that can show them how to take a simple item and take it to the next level.  

Looking to reach people like The Guest? Give these categories and interests a go when you create your next holiday campaign:

  • Top categories5: toys and games (53%), alcoholic beverages (52%), jewelry / accessories (43%)
  • Targetable interests: home decor, holidays, entertainment, casual outfits, personal care, interior design

The Planner

As the mastermind behind the season’s best bashes, The Planner is the host with the most. They excel in whatever they do, whether it’s mixing the perfect punch or having the neighborhood’s most festive front yard. And it’s all because they do their research—they spend the time to decide what products are just the right ones for them.

The Planner is open to new ideas if they’ll make the holidays even better. Inspire them to use your brand’s food, home and gift ideas in ways that will make their holiday visions come to life. And don’t shy away from big ideas—they’re not afraid to cook up a lavish meal or put up stunning decor.

These are the top categories and targetable interests to keep in mind with these holiday perfectionists:

  • Top categories5: clothing / footwear (74%), food and beverage (61%), holiday / seasonal decorations (60%)
  • Targetable interests: desserts, drinks, decorations, eclectic decor, Thanksgiving


—Thea Carp, currently saving ideas to Food Allure

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