March Pinsights forecast: Fancy popcorn, easy hairstyles and knot pillows

Pinsights forecast grid of March trends

Since people use Pinterest to find new ideas, we get a sneak peek at emerging trends. Searches and saves give us a look at what’s heating up...and what’s cooling down.

Our insights team regularly looks at search and save patterns to pinpoint what’s growing in popularity over time. Starting now, we’ll post monthly snapshots of what’s making waves on Pinterest, from emerging fashion trends to the latest food craze. You can use these insights to develop timely content so you reach Pinners who are in the market for these ideas. Even if your business doesn’t handle the categories below, you can get creative inspiration from these trends–and maybe find some cool new ideas for your own life, too.  

Popping up now

Award show season got people searching for fun takes on popcorn, from caramel marshmallow to garlic parmesan. People tend to watch the big winners once the award shows end, so we think popcorn will keep trending for a bit. Out of our 32.5 million popcorn Pins, these are some of Pinners’ favorites right now:

Knot your classic pillow

What’s a knot pillow, you ask? It’s a pillow that literally looks like a knot–and it’s all the rage with Pinners. Knot pillows started spiking in October, and they’re still going strong with more than 350 thousand saves

Easy hairstyles for busy people

Low-maintenance hairstyles are always popular on Pinterest, but the trends change pretty often. Right now, we’re seeing saves soar for these specific looks:

Next level overalls

Overall dresses stemmed from two previous trends: the pinafore/smock dress and skinny leg overalls. The look is up 97% from last year as more people find overall dress Pins and try the look for themselves.

–Xenia Nosov, saving ideas to -hair-

Source: Pinterest analysis, 2017