Make it easy for Pinners to find your stuff

Now that you’ve added the Pin It button to your website so that it’s simple for people to Pin, it’s time for the next step. We came up with a few ideas for how to reach Pinners and get more of your stuff on Pinterest.

Encourage people to Pin everywhere

The more people Pin your content, the more discoverable it becomes. To encourage more Pinning, make it easy to Pin from your website and email marketing. Don’t forget to promote Pinning on your social channels, packaging and advertising, too!

Learn from your Pinners

Pinterest Analytics shows you which Pins are most popular with Pinners and which ones are driving the most traffic to your site. You can also see what boards your stuff appears on, how the pins are described and what people Pin along with your stuff. All of these insights will help you make smarter choices about your merchandising, product development and pinning strategy.

To get to your analytics, click Analytics in the top-right menu under your name. Don’t see it? Make sure you’ve verified your website and switched to the new look.

Show off your most popular Pins

Lots of businesses highlight their most Pinned products on their websites and in physical stores. You should also include the Pin It and Follow buttons in your e-mails to let people Pin straight from there.

— Sadia Latifi, currently saving ideas to Drink