Introducing the Pinterest Taste Graph and enhanced targeting

Introducing the Pinterest Taste Graph and enhanced targeting
John Milinovich

Each month, 200 million people come to Pinterest looking for new ideas to try as they design their lives. We’ve learned a ton about how they choose and categorize the ideas they love. And we use our unique insights to help Pinners discover new possibilities that are just right for them. It’s part of what makes Pinterest magical: The more someone searches, saves and explores, the better their recommendations get.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the remarkable personalization technology that powers our possibilities: The Pinterest Taste Graph. By understanding people’s evolving tastes, preferences and interests, the Pinterest Taste Graph connects the millions of people on Pinterest to hundreds of billions of fresh ideas that are just right for them. It’s how we surface the perfect ideas for each Pinner, helping them find fresh ideas to love as they move through the various stages of planning their lives.

Unparalleled human-powered insights

We’ve built the Pinterest Taste Graph on the world's largest collection of human-curated links —over 100 billion Pins—and the trillions of interactions people have with them every week. Whenever someone searches with us or saves a Pin, we refine our understanding of what they’re into.

That’s a ton of activity! And it all adds up to valuable insights about what really appeals to people on Pinterest, what interests are out there in the world, and how they relate to each other.

We really understand our audience in a totally different way than a standard search engine or social platform. Seeing the different ways millions of Pinners curate their Pinterest boards gives us a deep understanding of all kinds of people’s tastes. Plus, we can see what’s trending far in advance of other platforms.

Pinner Sabin from Los Angeles came to Pinterest with a general interest in furniture design, only to discover an unknown love for 1930s Swedish chairs. “I've discovered a lot of design styles I was unaware of before I came to Pinterest.”

Enhanced interest targeting

For years, the Pinterest Taste Graph has been getting great at turning our understanding of people and their tastes into organic recommendations for Pinners. Now, businesses can benefit from the Taste Graph too.

With interest targeting powered by the Taste Graph, you’ll be able to target more interests than ever before. Previously, we offered a few hundred interests. Thanks to the Taste Graph, we’ve expanded to offer you more than ten times as many—over 5000 interests to choose from!

The addition of the Taste Graph will make all your Pinterest campaigns run more effectively and help you reach groups of Pinners using a more versatile, expanded set of interests based on their precise tastes. We recently updated all existing interest targeted campaigns to start making use of the Taste Graph, and businesses are already seeing great results from the thousands of new interests we’re making available.

In early tests, many advertisers are seeing 50% increases in their click through rates, and 20% more cost effective clicks. Nordstrom has seen positive results with their interest targeting campaigns on Pinterest, and their customers are responding in a positive way. A representative from the company said, “Across three of our most important categories—fashion, beauty, and wedding—we’re seeing robust customer engagement. We anticipate utilizing the new interests across our 2018 Pinterest campaigns.”

And soon, so much more

These thousands of new interests will become more broadly available over the next few weeks through the Pinterest Ads Manager, Pinterest Marketing Partners, or a Pinterest account manager. Whether your goal is to reach Pinners who are into French street style, closet organization or vegetarian barbecue, it’ll be easier than ever to get the most out of our unique audience.

And we’ll continue adding many more interests as the Taste Graph continues to grow. As more and more people discover and save ideas on Pinterest, the Taste Graph will continue to deepen and expand. You’ll gain an increasing ability to tap into audiences, and a new way to understand who engages with your Promoted Pins.

—John Milinovich, currently saving ideas to Sous Vide Recipes