Introducing Search Ads on Pinterest

Search Ads on Pinterest

Here's some of what makes Search Ads on Pinterest so effective:

Pinterest is visual

We have over 75 billion Pins created by people saving images from around the web. Each Pin serves as a visual reference for people in discovery mode. When people go shopping in a store, visual cues steer them to the right products. Pinterest uses visual content to replicate this browsing process digitally.

Pinterest search is uniquely commercial

We see over 2 billion searches a month on Pinterest, and most of them are for products and services people want to buy.

Target Socks

Pinners want to discover new brands

97% of our top searches last year were non-branded, making Pinterest a great place to attract new customers.

Searching and saving starts early on Pinterest

People on Pinterest start searching as much as three months before they purchase, so your business can reach them while they’re still deciding what to buy.

Supported by a strategic new partnership

We’re also pleased to announce a new partnership with Kenshoo—a leader and innovator in digital advertising. Together with Kenshoo, we’ll bring Search Ads on Pinterest to even more leading brands and agencies, including the most advanced search marketers.

With Search Ads on Pinterest, our clients can promote visually engaging ads as consumers search for relevant products. We're thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest to provide search marketers with an innovative new way to engage earlier in the buying journey, when their customers are most open to new ideas.

                — Will Martin-Gill, Chief Strategy and Development Officer

We’ve already begun testing these new features with several partners, including Barilla, eBay, Garnier, Target, The Home Depot and Walgreens. Over the coming months we’ll continue to add more businesses—working with Kenshoo and directly with our partners. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Kenshoo or your Pinterest account manager today.

Curious to learn more about search trends and how Pinterest can help your business respond to them? Check out the white paper documenting our new take on search. 

—Jon Kaplan, currently saving ideas to Idaho