Introducing the Save button for the world

Save button

“Save” makes more sense worldwide

Now that more than half of people who use Pinterest are from outside the United States, we’ve been working harder than ever to make sure our app and website are easy to use no matter where you live or what language you speak. Unfortunately it turns out that the notion of “Pinning” ideas doesn’t always resonate with everyone around the world.

So we decided to test what would happen if we swapped our Pin It button for the more utilitarian Save instead. We were amazed by just how many new Pinners started saving ideas on Pinterest, especially people from outside the US.

Why more people saving = good news for businesses

Having more people around the world saving ideas to Pinterest is great for everyone, because it means a wider and richer selection of Pins to explore—more authentic Japanese recipes, more French street styles, more Scandinavian parenting hacks.

And we think it’ll also pay off for businesses: in our tests of the Pinterest button for browsers, changing “Pin it” to “Save” led to an 8% increase in Pin saves (formerly known as “repins.”)

The more people who save ideas from your website to Pinterest, the more people there are going out to take action and try those ideas in their lives. And really, that’s what Pinterest is all about: Helping people discover and do things they love.

Get the Save button today

As you can see, one of the best ways to get your content on Pinterest is by adding the Save button to your website. You can get everything you need on our widget builder.

If you already have a button on your site, a few things to look out for:

  • Some buttons may have already updated to save—so you’re all set, no action required!
  • If you’re not seeing the change, you’ll need to update your button.

We hope these updates make Pinterest more welcoming for everyone—old-school Pinners and first-timers, outside the United States and in.

—Lauren Frederick, currently saving ideas to LA Dreaming