Introducing Place Pins, for the explorer in all of us


Create place boards for your business

We’ve asked a few brands to create inventive boards that’ll inspire Pinners, and we’d like to have even more.  Create place boards that reflect your business: the best hikes, the tastiest burgers, homes for sale or a street art walking tour.

We’ve collected a bunch of  place boards on this special feed to help you get ideas as you make your own.

You’ll find boards like:

Creating a board of Place Pins is simple. Just toggle “Add a map” when you create a new board or edit an existing board’s settings. After that, you can map all of your new and existing Pins to the board.

Make your site Place Pin-friendly

We’ve partnered with a group of businesses to automatically include location info on their Pins.  Pins from AirbnbAtlas, JetsetterOpenTable,RoadtrippersStreetEasyTruliaUrbanSpoon and VirtualTourist will have places attached to their Pinterest content.

Learn how to get place data to show up on Pins from your site on our developer site.

Many of these partners also have the Pin It button next to their sites’ images, so Pinners can easily save places they want to go.

Place Pins are our first effort to make Pinterest more useful for travel. It follows other ways we’re making your Pins more actionable in real life, including Product, Article, Movie and Recipe Pins. We hope you find Place Pins helpful!

Happy (Place) Pinning!

— Vikram Bhaskaran, currently saving ideas to Fort Greene Flaneur