Introducing Pinterest Propel for successful advertising

Pinterest Propel working at a desk
Beth Harner, Digital Marketing Manager
“Promoted Pins allow us to showcase our beautiful photography, grab our guest’s attention, and tell a real story about our products. We’ve seen growth in impressions and clickthroughs. Teaming up with Pinterest has pushed our Promoted Pins to their fullest potential, with outstanding results. We couldn’t be more satisfied!”

Create cost-effective campaigns fast

Learning a new platform can be time consuming. Pinterest Propel provides one-on-one support from ad experts that will help you make the most of your marketing budget. You’ll learn to build effective campaigns, gain new customers, and analyze your traffic, sales and online actions so you get results.

Get free one-on-one support, and much more

Pinterest Propel is for businesses and agencies in the US and Canada who are ready to spend at least $100 a day. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 30 days of one-on-one phone support from Pinterest experts
  • Custom-made Pins to promote
  • Education and training on using Pinterest to grow your business
  • Access to guides, insights and industry best practices
  • Agencies get customized tips for up to 3 clients

See solid results

Businesses using Pinterest Propel have already seen up to 3x more clicks and a 38% decrease in CPCs. A wide range of businesses and agencies have had this kind of success with our program, including: Agency Within, Beachbody, Ghirardelli ChocolateFarm Fresh to YouMcBeard, ROI Revolution, Resolute, Suja Juice and Too Faced Cosmetics.

Erin Ewasyshyn, Social Media Advertising Team Lead
ROI Revolution
“Since exploring the opportunities to engage new customers and ultimately drive purchases through Pinterest with a significant portion of our portfolio now, we’ve seen nothing but successes. Having access to Pinterest Partner Managers only helps to solidify the strategy that we’re recommending for our clients, ensuring we’re using the platform to move the needle based on KPIs that are important to them.”

Sign up for Pinterest Propel if you’re ready to start working one-on-one with the Pinterest Propel team today!

—Lisa Fong, currently saving ideas to almost paleo