Introducing Pinterest Marketing Partners

Marketing Partners
Marketing Partners

Measurement partners tie ads back to results

Measurement partners help brands evaluate how Pinterest impacts business results by driving metrics like ad verification, resonance, sales lift and customer lifetime value. For example, our study with Oracle Data Cloud showed that Promoted Pins drive 5x more incremental in-store sales compared to campaigns on other platforms.

We’re thrilled that Moat has signed on to be our preferred partner for measuring advertising viewability. “We are excited to partner with Pinterest to deliver in-depth analytics and cross-platform digital measurement to provide marketers with greater insight into how their audience pays attention,” said Jonah Goodhart, Moat CEO and Co-Founder. “Pinterest is one of the most powerful and unique platforms for marketers today, and we look forward to providing them with increased transparency through the partnership.”  

For mobile measurement, partners include Adjust, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava and TUNE. We’re also folding our previously announced partnerships with Millward Brown Digital (brand lift) and Oracle Data Cloud (sales lift) into the Marketing Partners program.

Audiences partners make ads more relevant

Audiences partners help brands onboard their own data so they can use features like customer list targeting and actalike audiences. Brands that add their own data into Pinterest see stronger marketing results. Audiences partners include Epsilon, Experian, Krux (Salesforce), LiveRamp (Acxiom), mParticle and Neustar.

Marketing Partners are instrumental for advertisers, and our new specialties will help brands see even better results. Macy’s has successfully run campaigns through our existing MDPs, and now plans to add a partnership with LiveRamp. “With Pinterest’s ever-evolving toolkit, we are able to help customers discover products, inspire them and ultimately lead them to a purchase,” said Serena Potter, Group Vice President of digital media strategy at Macy’s. “We continuously strive for innovation as we customize our digital strategy to provide customers with more unique and relevant interactions. We are excited to expand our targeting capabilities by adding the LiveRamp integration, as we know that Pinterest offers a great opportunity to positively impact the conversation we have with our customers.”

We’ve also added new partners to our existing advertising and content marketing specialties:


Advertising partners help businesses manage, scale and optimize their Pinterest campaigns. Brands get a lot of value working with advertising partners: over 50% of revenue comes through these partnerships. Today, Adglow, AdParlor, Bidalgo and Sprinklr join the 10 existing advertising partners.

Content marketing

Content marketing replaces the previous “content publishing” specialty. Socialbakers joins our 12 existing partners. Content marketing partners help brands source, schedule, publish and measure their Pinterest content. To date, Pins from content marketing partners typically see over 4x saves compared to Pins from standard business accounts.

If you’re interested in working with our Marketing Partners, please search our directory for a partner that fits your marketing goals.

—Michael Akkerman, currently saving to Pick Pics

Please note that Millward Brown Digital, Moat and Oracle Data Cloud are custom measurement solutions and are only available for specific U.S. businesses.