Inspire Pinners to give your ideas a try

Check off tried Pins

Now, Pinners on iOS and Android can tap the checkmark on any Pin to show they gave it a try. They can also help inspire others to give it a go by adding feedback, notes and photos. You can learn more about what’s working for your customers and develop your business accordingly.

See feedback on Pins

When people try a Pin, their feedback will show up right on the Pin itself. Anyone curious about your products and services can just scroll down to see how things turned out for your existing customers.

Reference tried ideas later

Once your customer has tried a Pin, it’s automatically added to the new Tried section of their profile. This keeps customers engaging with your brand by making it easy for them to reference your ideas again and again.

Want your ideas on the list of things to try? Promote your most popular Pins today, and be on the lookout for insights direct from your customers as this new feature rolls out!

—Katherine Jugler, currently trying ideas from Sweet Vegan Treats