How to use Pinterest Analytics to change the way you Pin

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Your profile analytics

Profile analytics show how Pins from your profile are doing.

Top Pins: top Pins in the last 30 days

Your audience is looking for Pins like these, so continue adding similar Pins to reach even more people on Pinterest.

People explore Pinterest in different states-of-mind. They might start looking, get inspired, narrow down their options and then make a decision. We think businesses like yours can add Pins that help them every step of this customer journey. That’s why you should create content that’s both aspirational and product-focused.

TipLearn more about different Pinner modes.

Top Boards: boards with high Pin impressions from the last 30 days


All time: your Pins that rank higher in search and Pins with the most engagement

Tip: Sharpen your own Pin descriptions so you improve your appearance in search. Read more about search.

Your audience

In this section, you can see information about the people who interact with your Pins from both your profile and domain.

You can also see:

  • Country
  • Language (according to Pinner settings)
  • Metro
  • Gender

Where your audience is from, what languages they speak and what gender they identify with can help you target your content better. It can also help you figure out new opportunities for your marketing. You might find that you are reaching a global audience.


Interests: This is a visual look at what your followers are into. These subjects can give you ideas for your content strategy, helping you connect with your customers and stay relevant to more people.

Boards: These are a collection of boards from your audience that contain many of your Pins. You can see how your audience organizes your stuff and thinks about your brand. What you see might even surprise you! Use this findings to think of new ways to organize your boards and even your website.

Businesses: These are other business accounts your audience engages with on Pinterest. Learning who else your audience is interested in hearing from can clue you into what else they’re interested in and what you might create in the future.

Your website analytics

This data reflects what’s happening with Pins from your website.


Tip: Read more about reaching Pinners on mobile.

Top Pin impressions

These Pins represent the most popular things from your website. Make sure to feature them in your own profile and highlight them on your website.

Top boards

These are boards that contain a lot of Pins that link out to your website. These boards can be boards that you’ve created or it could be boards that others have created. You can use this list to understand how people are organizing your content. This could be a window to help you learn about the things that inspire your customers.

Hopefully this guide gives you a sense at how you might look at your own analytics data and refine your Pinterest strategy. For more details on the data you see, visit the Help Center.

— Vivian Chow, currently saving ideas to Cool Products!