How to take great photos for your product Pins

pictures on pinterest
The basics

Good lighting
Take your product photos in a well-lit setting. Take advantage of natural light but make sure your product isn’t backlit. If you venture outdoors to take photos on a sunny day, pick a shady spot. That way, you can get ample lighting without harsh shadows.

Clear and focused
Make sure your camera is focused on the product and capturing its texture and material. If you are taking photos with your phone camera, tap lightly on the most important part of the image in order to make sure it stays sharp.

Taller aspect ratio
Take pictures in portrait mode instead of landscape. Pins with a taller aspect ratio look better in feeds and on mobile devices. Save your image in .png or .jpg format and make sure that your Pin is no wider than 736 pixels.

Three types of product shots

There’s not a single right way to present your products, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Here are three types of product shots you can try:


Clean and simple:

Take a shot of your product on or against a clean surface free from distractions. Focus and lighting is key for this type of product shot.

Paint a picture:

Put your product in context. Set it next to objects that give people a better idea of the product’s size. What would your product look like in everyday life? What kind of lifestyle does your brand represent?

Inspire Pinners to take action:

Show Pinners creative ways to use your product. If your business has a blog, create a DIY article featuring your product and link your Pin to this post.

Turn your images into Pins

Upload your image

Once your images are ready, log in to Pinterest, go to the board you want to add your Pins and click the + button to upload your Pin image from your device.

Write a detailed description
Describe the product in detail and tell Pinners how they might use the product and Pin your image.

Link the Pin you just created back to your website

Click on the pencil icon on the Pin you just created and add the webpage where Pinners can purchase this product from your site. Now, Pinners can click through on this Pin to go to your website!

As you can see, it’s not hard to create standout product shots with your camera. For even more examples, download our creative guide.

—Carolyn Kao, currently saving ideas to Write that Novel