How to Pin a boutonniere—and other Pinning tips for prom

prom on pinterest

While it might be a distant memory for some of us, for tons of teens, it’s prime prom time. Around this time of year, we see a 50% increase in prom Pinning (and Pinners have already saved over 823 million prom Pins!)


95% of these Pins are in these 3 categories:

  • Fashion
  • Hair
  • Beauty 

To get your Pinterest profile prom date ready, use Rich Pins to make it easier for people to buy your dresses, accessories and more. You can also play around with creating curated lists to display top fashion trends. For hair and beauty Pins, offer step-by-step tutorialson topics like applying makeup or creating salon-style updos at home. 


Finally, as promised, here’s one last Pin tip for you: learn how to Pin a boutonniere.


—Kathleen Chen, currently saving ideas to whichcraft