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Their lifestyles can be radically different. One might be a fresh out of college millennial navigating her first job and life in a big city. Another could be a Gen X mom balancing a demanding career with raising kids at home.

The way they live may vary, but they have one major thing in common: They’re the Deciders.

They are women age 25-54 and they make the majority of purchase decisions in US households. They’re responsible for 80% of household buying, and they control more than 50% of the wealth in the US.1

Pinterest reaches 83% of all women 25-54 in the US, Deciders as we call them.2 That's more than Instagram, Snap and Twitter. 

We wanted to learn more about this key demographic on our platform—how they use Pinterest and the role it plays in their household decisions. So we analyzed our behavioral data in the US and commissioned a survey of women age 25-54 about their attitudes around style, beauty and food and drink.

An essential part of life

We found that Deciders view Pinterest as an essential part of their lives. It’s a place where they can generate ideas, plan, and make decisions. 85% of women told us they use Pinterest to plan small or big life moments, compared with Facebook 53% and Instagram 44%.3

“I think it's almost become second nature for me to use Pinterest to plan things," said Kris, from River Falls, Wisconsin. "I think it's one of the first things I do when I'm going to try something new or plan something.”

Among the big moments the Deciders plan for include having their ideal home in the next five years (43%) and taking a vacation in the next 6 months (1 in 2 Pinners).4

The smaller moments they prepare for include finding recipe ideas for meals and snacks (67%), seeking inspiration for kids’ birthday parties or other large parties (34%) and weekly workout routines (35%).5

A place for brands

The Deciders say they’re reliant on brands to help them make the best decisions. 78% say content from brands helps them bring ideas to life.6

Like other people on Pinterest, the Deciders say they use the platform to help them make decisions about what they want to do and buy across key categories. 58% say it helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions.7

“Pinterest is more suggestive. It comes up with more ideas that are related,” said Dani, from Dallas, Texas. ‘You mentioned exercise, but have you thought about recipes?”

Here’s a deeper dive into three of the Deciders’ favorite categories on Pinterest: Food and Drink, Style and Beauty.


Food and drink

Most of what America eats and drinks every night is determined by the Deciders. 77% of the Deciders on Pinterest are primary grocery shoppers and 50% spent $500 or more on groceries in the past 30 days.8 Many are aspiring gourmets: They’re 2x more likely to spend a week researching a food or drink item.9 And 52% use Pinterest to develop their passion for food and drinks.10

Here are some recent popular searches in the category: low carb recipes, whole 30 recipes, overnight oats, healthy breakfast.

Their food preferences often revolve around healthy and fresh ideas. We’re also seeing an interest in weight-management ideas.



We reach 70% of the Deciders who purchased jewelry, watches or accessories in the past 6 months, and 1 out of 2 who spent $500 or more on women’s clothing or shoes in the same period.11 67% of the Deciders turn to Pinterest for brand-led ideas and purposeful browsing.12

Here are the most popular recent searches in the category: Sunglasses, trendy, fashion style, plus size fashion for women.

They’re looking for guidance on what is trending. We’re seeing interest in colorful and floral patterns in clothing and shoe saves on Pinterest.



Unsurprisingly, the Deciders want to look their best: 52% spent $500 or more on beauty purchases in the past six months.13 They’re discovering new products on Pinterest.

51% are being exposed to new brands on our platform that they would have not otherwise considered.14

“Pinterest knows me so well,” said Alyssa, from Chico, CA. “This promoted pin is so up my alley.”

Here are the most popular recent searches in the category: Spa treatments, medium length hair, balayage hair, natural hair styles.

As far as beauty interests, they’re looking for simplicity and creative ideas. We see the natural look making a comeback in both skincare and hairstyles.


Thea Carp, saving to why don’t you make me


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