How to connect with Pinners over food

kneading dough on counter

You may have already guessed that food is one of the biggest interests on Pinterest. In fact, there are more than 5.7 billion (that’s a B!) food-related Pins and over 100 million food boards.

People’s interests around food tend to fall into four categories:

  • Everyday dishes, like what your family will have for dinner tonight. There are over 5 Million people with Pins on meal planning.
  • Entertaining, like what you’ll make for your dinner party this weekend or for the holidays. We counted over 11 million holiday food Pins. 
  • Aspirational ideas, like the fancy six-layer cake you want to make when you have more time in the kitchen. More than 26 million people have added a recipe-related Pin to one of their boards.
  • Eye candy, like the inspiring food images that motivate people to continue cooking. Nearly 7 million people have food Pins described as “beautiful.”

Businesses can take advantage of the popularity of food on Pinterest with their own content. Think about how food might relate to your business and its unique offerings. For example:

That’s part of what makes Pinterest special—the overlap of one person’s (or business’!) interests and another person’s. 

- Tashfeen Ahmed, Partner Insights