How Pinterest drives purchases online and off

It ain’t no lie, Pinners love to buy, buy, buy!

Late 90s references aside, all sorts of shoppers use Pinterest. Some have a goal—they know they want to give their brother a watch for his birthday, and they’re simply trying to find the perfect (read: waterproof) one. Others may be browsing for dinner recipes when they suddenly stumble across a must-have item for their kitchen.

Pinterest captures shoppers in many mindsets, which is why we’ve seen some impressive shopping stats, according to Millward Brown: 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan for or make purchases and 52% have seen something on Pinterest and made a purchase online.

So while Pinterest is a place where people go to get inspired by many types of ideas, they also end up getting inspired to shop. Our insights team found that Pinterest inspires people to buy something similar to something they’ve seen on the platform. This is especially true in categories like parenting, health and hair and beauty, where Pinners are more likely to buy an exact product they’ve seen on Pinterest.

Mobile makes in-store purchases happen

Pinterest also influences purchases when people step away from the comfort of their couch. 72% of Pinners have seen something on Pinterest and made a purchase offline, according to Millward Brown.

In fact, Pinners are twice as likely to buy products in-store after engaging with certain types of Pins. Internal studies have shown that after viewing a relevant Pin:

  • 61% of Pinners made a food purchase (43% of those purchased online and 82%purchased in-store)

  • 42% of Pinners made a beauty purchase (49% of those purchased online and 69%purchased in-store.)

And when they’re on the go, mobile Pinterest helps seal the deal. Ahalogy found that 45%of active mobile Pinners use Pinterest to look for inspiration while shopping, especially in topics like clothing, food, and arts and crafts. People also turn to Pins they’ve already saved—Millward Brown found that 64% of Pinners look at items they’ve Pinned while they’re at a brick and mortar store.

-Emma Dunbar, currently saving ideas to​ Cheers