How parents use Pinterest to nurture and develop their children

mom kissing baby

With 43 million users planning for a baby and 900 million parenting Pins, Pinterest is the ideal platform to reach parents. 

You know by now that people on Pinterest are planners. With new parents in nesting mode, this is a great time to connect with consumers whose mindset is shifting from inspirational to actionable. Take a look at the top trends and searches on Pinterest to get some insight on how you can reach this parental audience and keep your brand top of mind.

Prepping for the baby
Expecting parents are turning to Pinterest to learn as much as they can about this new life stage. This includes searches for baby must haves, wet baby wipes, cloth baby wipes and all baby essentials. Prior to having a baby, parents-to-be want to celebrate with searches for baby showers, baby reveal ideas, diaper cake/wreath/bouquet, diaper party and diaper gifts.  

Future parents are also looking to stay organized and stylish with top Pins of nursery ideas, cribs, diaper organization, baby registry and baby room ideas. Other baby prepping trends include:

  • Nurseries with a woodland or Harry Potter theme
  • Coming home outfits
  • Nautical baby
  • Gender neutral (up 53% since June 2015!)
  • Bandana bibs
  • Organic baby food
  • Bohemian baby
  • Baby moccasins
  • Crochet baby

Adjusting to life with a newborn

New parents want the best for their brand new bundle of joy, but they also want a good night’s sleep! Top searched Pins include sleep training, bedtime tips, sleeping schedule, baby sleeping bag, co-sleeper and baby sleep tricks.

While the baby is sleeping, parents are searching Pinterest for the best tips to adjust to life with a newborn. Additional top searches include:

  • Travel tips
  • How to organize baby clothes
  • Newborn baby hacks
  • Baby tips and tricks
  • Baby wearing
  • Baby bottles
  • Diaper size chart
  • Baby bedding
  • Best baby wipes

Bringing up baby

After surviving the first year, parents and relatives are focused on raising a happy, healthy child. They use Pinterest to find diet tips, research sleeping habits and discover activities to engage their toddlers. Fashion for children and documenting important milestones are also popular with top searches that include:

  • Baby fashion
  • Baby costumes
  • Toddler clothes
  • Baby photo ideas
  • Toddler haircut
  • Maternity photos with toddler
  • Monthly baby photos
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Baby toys
  • Crafts for toddlers
  • Toddler meal ideas
  • Sensory boards
  • Montessori

Take action on these insights

We hope these trends and top searches give you some insight into what types of Pins to create, boards to build and Pins to promote to reach parents and parents-to-be.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:  

  • Help new parents catch some zzzs with boards focused on sleeping tips and soothing baby products, and they will be dreaming about your brand.
  • With 2.6 million Pins, gender neutral nurseries are very popular right now—inspire expecting parents with Pins of your own gender neutral nursery products and ideas.
  • Promote Pins with helpful tips and advice to get parents through the first few months of parenthood (in addition to showcasing your brand’s products) and they will be loyal fans.

–Kevin Choy, currently saving ideas to World I The Final Frontier

Source: March 2016 .comscore report