How Hubble used Pinterest Propel to find new customers

Hubble Creative Director Dan Rosen

What made you decide to advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest was recommended by one of our co-founders about a year ago and we’ve hit the ground running. We chose Pinterest because we know our audience is on there.

Pinterest also aligned with our brand principles. Their branding is all about beautiful imagery and creative design–and so is ours. Hubble uses colorful branding that’s light and fun. We try to stand out visually compared to a lot of other contact lens companies, who tend to be more clinical in their branding and design choices.

What did you hope to achieve with your Pinterest campaigns?

Our goal was to reach a new set of people. We started off on Facebook but we felt like there are a lot of people who either don’t use Facebook, or don’t use Facebook to shop. So we wanted to explore other digital channels. On Pinterest, we found our audience with a mix of targeting tactics: actalikes, engagement, keyword search, retargeting and interests.

How’s it going so far?

The ease with which we’ve been able to grow our business is extremely helpful, particularly in Canada and the UK. It’s been really useful to have the Pinterest team help us build our first ads. Our main KPI (key performance indicator) is cost per acquisition. While working with Pinterest Propel, we were able to meet our business goals with great alignment between our strategy and creative. We also improved the health of our Pinterest account by working closely with Pinterest’s team.

We reduced our cost for new prospects to a 10% lower rate than our average cost per acquisition. Recent analysis has shown that our Pinterest lifetime value (LTV) is among the best for all of our channels. And in January 2018, our Pinterest CPA was 5% lower than the CPA for our total blended channels.

Do you have any campaign tips for other businesses?

Seeing examples of Pins and creative that saw success was key. The Pinterest team sent over Pins that worked well for other brands, and this allowed us to adjust our creative and messaging from what we’d been running on other channels.

Pinterest was also super helpful in testing out different creative and different messages. The Pinterest team created mock-up Pins for us based on other ads for other channels, and we were able to iterate future Pins from those.  

What should other businesses know about Pinterest Ads?

I’m sure brands are running around doing a million things and advertising all over the place. It’s great to work with people who know the platform far better than we ever could. It saves us a lot of time, and allows us to spend more time on other things.

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