How HSN uses Pinterest to make waves


Four months ago, omni-channel retailer HSN launched The List with Colleen Lopez, a fashion program that features must-have items and… Pinterest!

Since Pinterest has a built-in community of fashion enthusiasts and refers up to 40 times more visitors to than other social networks, HSN thought it would be a perfect way to engage their fans during the program and in between shows, keeping it top of mind. 

“HSN’s foundation is as a storytelling platform that customers trust for product and trend discovery,” said Annemarie Frank, Vice President of Omni-Channel Marketing at HSN. “As a discovery platform itself, Pinterest has allowed us to further the HSN brand narrative and integration on The List with Colleen Lopez allows us to build meaningful connections with customers and prospects.”

Since launching the show and integrating with Pinterest, HSN has seen huge increases across many metrics, including:

  • Referral traffic: Traffic to from Pinterest increased by more than 1.5 times compared to the weeks before the show’s launch.
  • Followers: The number of new followers for HSN on Pinterest more than tripled in the 8 weeks following the show’s launch compared to the 8 weeks before; a single hour of The List drives a nearly equal number of new followers to the daily average.
  • Repins, likes and comments increased more than 2.5 times in the first two months of the show; comments on Pins have increased by more than 10 times.
  • Sessions from fashion, jewelry, shoes and handbag Pins increased 58% week-over-week.
  • Impressions from HSN’s Pinterest boards increased 658% since launch.


The integration is also helping HSN customers connect with the brand more readily. In one case, a follower commented on a pair of shoes she liked, repinned them and then came back later to share a photo of the same shoes after she brought them home!


“Our customers have leapt at the opportunity to connect with HSN and Host, Colleen Lopez, through Pinterest,” continued Frank. “In addition to creating Pinterest accounts to take part in the integration, others have been tagging their friends and encouraging them to ‘join the party.’”


Below are the ways HSN has used Pinterest to help create dynamic TV programming, but with a little creativity you could adopt these to your strategy – even without a TV show!


Create a dedicated a Pinterest board: HSN created a dedicated board for The List with Colleen Lopez and they add a carefully selected assortment of product and inspiration pins on a regular cadence that peaks during the live show on Thursday evenings. This has helped HSN increase their Pin volume without sacrificing quality or engagement.

Mention Pinterest in on-air segments: The Pinterest board is featured in 3-4 dedicated segments per show. The on-air “Social Stylist” gives regular demos on how to follow HSN on Pinterest and how to start adding Pins. Individual Pins are featured and described. Whenever they talk about trends, like skinny jeans, they use non-product Pins for the examples. They also read comments from Pinners on the air, which provides intrinsic motivation for viewers to return weekly.

Use Pinterest branding: The phrase “Follow HSN on Pinterest” appears in the lower right corner of the screen at all times during the show. They’ve also created a “Trending on Pinterest” graphic that appears when The List transitions into Pinterest segments. Check out our brand guidelines for specific rules on how you can mention Pinterest. 

Attach Pinterest hang tags & placards to your products: HSN adds Pinterest hang tags or placards to products to indicate that they have been popular on Pinterest. Engagement for these product Pins is consistently higher than engagement on other product Pins.

Add Pinterest to your website: On The List’s landing page, a visualization displays Pins from The List’s Pinterest board. All images are Pinnable and a call-to-action to follow is also included.

Add “Join the party” Pins: To start some of the shows, HSN Pins an image that speaks to the theme of the show and encourages their regular Pinners to tag friends in the comments and invite them to add Pins. It’s helped bring new Pinners to the “party,” driving conversation around the featured products. 


— Sadia Latifi, currently saving ideas to Bali in August