How Glad attracted a new generation of foodies

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Finding fresh food fanatics on Pinterest

Glad is known for their easy-to-use products, like Press’n Seal, a microwave-safe food wrap that clings to paper, plastic… even wood. But while Press’n Seal helps keep foods fresh, in early 2017 Glad realized the product had been around for nearly 15 years, and was starting to feel a little stale.

To attract a new, younger generation of customers, the Clorox-owned brand turned to Pinterest, which reaches 1 out of 2 millennials in the US and houses millions of food-related Pins.1 Food is the largest category on Pinterest, and it’s still growing—the number of people who engage with food content increases by 24% each year.2 This made Pinterest the perfect platform for targeting Glad’s key audience of “kitchen enthusiasts,” foodies who have a knack for quick culinary hacks.

Getting things cooking with Pin Collective

To create an innovative campaign built specifically for Pinterest, Glad partnered with the Pin Collective, a hand-picked network of creators that specializes in making scroll-stopping Pins.

From February to April 2017, the Pin Collective and Glad ran a campaign that taught busy kitchen enthusiasts clever hacks like making to-go coffee mugs with simple squares of Press’n Seal. A second batch of creative called “Save Our Snacks” featured even more millennial-friendly trends like emojis and avocados. Through pastel colors and snappy copy, Glad’s Pins managed to make even the dullest kitchen routines seem easy and fun.

Sealing the deal with ads

With their “snack hack” campaign, Glad found a way to have a conversation with the food community on Pinterest in a new way. But they also gave their Pins an added boost through Promoted Video and static Promoted Pins, and took advantage of interest targeting, which helped them reach people who were already looking for recipes and other content about food. “We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Pinterest to engage their huge community of food enthusiasts,” said Colleen Stauffer, Associate Director of Marketing Communications at Clorox.

--Amy Gilmer, saving ideas to SHE

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Colleen Stauffer
Associate Director, Marketing Communications, Clorox
“We were thrilled with how the Pin Collective helped us develop beautiful creative that really resonated with our target audience. The Pins were clever and eye-catching and really helped Press’n Seal stand out in a unique way.”