How brands are helping people adapt to the new normal

Woman smiling on her smartphone

Tackling new challenges

More people than ever are using Pinterest. Usage is at an all-time high. Pinners are still excited about the future, still planning for big life events. While we saw an initial drop in future planning and future inspiration (like travel and events) in early and mid-March at the start of the quarantine, those searches have begun to recover.

Volume on searches like entertainment and home-based activities is still higher than ever and continues to climb. We think the return to future-oriented searches is rooted in Pinners settling into this new normal. They’re coming to Pinterest to feel inspired and plan for the future after quarantine and we’re seeing a shift in daily habits. People are searching and saving ideas for different things: pantry recipes, ideas for keeping kids occupied, calming quotes and tips for working from home among other timely topics.

Many brands have responded in creative ways, quickly pivoting to address specific trends and offer helpful, positive advice and promotions. Now more than ever, inspirational, relevant content can help Pinners tackle the new challenges we face.

Strike the right balance

Creating content during a crisis can be hard. That’s why we wanted to shine a spotlight on a few brands that have caught our attention lately. They stand out with Pins that are authentic, compassionate and genuinely helpful.

Some have made simple tweaks to existing assets so they better suit the times. Others have quickly developed new creative or offers to address new needs. All of them are knocking it out of the park.

Steady on

Certainly there’s no one right way to react to current events. The best way forward depends on your situation as well as the products and services you offer. We offer the above as examples of brands that have responded honestly, with inspirational messages and helpful offers delivered with sensitivity.

If you’re still wondering what to say or how to say it, we offer some guidance on our How to communicate with Pinners in a time of crisis post.

—Kayte Korwitts, saving to StayINHome Inspo