How Alamo Rent A Car uses Pinterest to shape people’s travel plans

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Eric Wahlgren

With locations at the most popular vacation destinations throughout the world, Alamo Rent A Car is positioned where leisure travelers need them most. But most of these travelers only rent a car once or twice a year, so it can be challenging to stay top of mind with customers when they’re not on a trip.  


Alamo turned to Pinterest for help reaching and resonating with their customers year-round. Unlike traditional search engines, Pinterest reaches travelers sooner. People use Pinterest at the beginning of their trip-planning process for inspiration about where to go, and for help plotting must-see attractions. “Pinterest’s structure mimics how the vast majority of our customers plan and then book their vacation,” said Evan Young, Senior Content and Publicity Specialist at Enterprise Holdings, which owns Alamo.

Pinterest reaches 69% of US moms, who are among Alamo’s most frequent customers.1 Those moms use Pinterest throughout the trip-planning process, from destination inspiration to logistics and sightseeing recommendations. Alamo recognized a creative opportunity to reach their audience early, before they’ve even started thinking about renting a car.

Looking at content and activity on Pinterest gave Alamo new insight into their customers’ behavior, and incentive to be a bigger part of the travel conversation happening on Pinterest. Travel is one of Pinterest’s top ten categories, with over 3 billion Pins.2 In 2016 alone, 9.4 million US Pinners interacted with travel content.3  

Meghan Baker
Senior Content and Publicity Manager at Enterprise Holdings
“This gives us a great opportunity to raise awareness for our brand, convert new customers, and increase email registrations and sign-ups to our Alamo Insiders program.”

Alamo launched their Pinterest presence in early 2015. Alamo knew that leisure travelers start using Pinterest when they’re in the earliest stages of trip planning, and 62% of them will click on a Pin for more information.4 So, they created and saved a wide range of content types designed to help travelers along every step of their vacation journey, from destination suggestions to packing advice.

The team also uses Promoted Pins to increase their reach by targeting people who are interested in travel. People who see Promoted Pins often save the content, refer back to it while planning their trip, and then visit the Alamo website. One high-performing Promoted Pin campaign has been a series featuring US National Parks that includes stunning photography of sites like Yosemite’s Half Dome and the Great Smoky Mountains. Other Pins share useful info like “8 Suitcase Packing Tips for Group Travel.”

Thanks to their Pinterest campaigns, Alamo has seen increases in referral traffic and incremental visits to their blog, The Scenic Route. The majority of referrals from Pinterest are new customers who had never visited the brand’s site before. “This gives us a great opportunity to raise awareness for our brand, convert new customers, and increase email registrations and sign-ups to our Alamo Insiders program,” said Meghan Baker, Senior Content and Publicity Manager at Enterprise Holdings.

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—Eric Wahlgren, currently saving ideas to Under the stars


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