How agencies can get the most out of Pinterest

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Look to search data for signals

“People come to Pinterest to bring their ideas to life—and they come here when they’re searching for inspiration to help guide them as they start to make decisions. These searches are signals, revealing their earliest inklings and intentions about what’s important in their lives. Brands can’t rely on year-over-year trends as an indicator of what will happen. They need to be able to react in real-time to changes in search behavior. Pinterest provides that window. With 367 million people using Pinterest every month to plan, we gain a unique insight into what people want to do, try or buy next—now.”1

Yolanda Lam, Global Head of Agency & Ads Partners, saving to Nom Nom

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Yolanda Lam

Embrace the power of positivity

“Certain platforms have long been criticized for not doing enough to combat hate speech and misinformation. Pinterest is committed to not only serving content that’s inspiring but also identifying, preventing and removing content that may harm Pinners’ or the public’s well-being, safety or trust. It’s the last positive corner of the internet. And brands, especially now, want to be associated with helping consumers to live inspired lives, on and off their devices. That’s why Pinterest is the right place to be for your client’s brand.”

Louise Richardson, Director of Marketing, Europe, saving to I Cannot Believe I Have To Have This Board

Louise Richardson

Step up your creative

“People are wired to respond to visuals, emotion and storytelling. So it’s no surprise that video views on Pinterest are up 160% year over year.2 Putting advertising spend behind the right creative in a meaningful way will put any brand in a stronger position post-pandemic. The first step is to build on what people are interested in or searching for, and then capture their attention with original and visually arresting ideas. The brands that produce creative work that fuels engagement or builds connection will reap the benefits.”

Visha Naul, Director of Agency Marketing, Europe, saving to Bookcases

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Visha Naul

Your guide to success

Consumer behavior may never be the same again. As everyone wonders what the new normal will look like, one thing is clear: connecting with customers when they’re seeking inspiration and meeting their needs in the moment will be key to success in 2020 and beyond.

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—Lyndsay McGregor, saving to Dream Home


1Pinterest internal data, Global, May 2020

2Pinterest internal data, Global, June 2019- June 2020

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