6 small businesses that are finding success on Pinterest

Small business owners

Mission Hammocks

On a trip to Nicaragua, Zach Wahl discovered a workshop that employed young people with disabilities to craft handmade hammocks and hanging chairs. They paid employees a fair wage, and taught them valuable life skills.

With a personal interest in entrepreneurship, Zack helped the workshop design a brand around their products. He also built a website that educated people about the social mission of the company, the quality of the products and the different ways that they can be used around the home.

Zack uses Pinterest to help Mission Hammocks sell their products to people all over the world. And with the money from hammock sales, he has helped the workshop hire ten more workers, growing the team to about forty people.

Zach Wahl, Co-founder
Mission Hammocks - Williamsport, Pennsylvania
“Pinterest is the number one traffic source to our website and has the highest conversion rate compared to other platforms because it helps people conceptualize how our product fits into their home. Pinterest also helps us to tell our story, making sure that people understand the value of our product.”

Pie Provisions

Self-taught pie maker Lauren Bolden began baking pies as a hobby for family and friends. But when she realized she was spending hundreds of dollars per week on the habit, she knew there had to be a better way. With the help of her husband, Cody, they developed a pie crust mix that they could sell online and named their business Pie Provisions.

By reaching new audiences on Pinterest, they were able to earn enough to pursue their business full-time (and even pay to rent a warehouse!).

Lauren Bolden, Founder
Pie Provisions - Woodstock, Georgia
“You eat with your eyes first, and I think Pinterest really amplifies that. We are showing people beautiful visuals of pies, but they are attainable. We provide the products to help people create them at home, in a very simple way, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.”

Future Glory Co.

Theresa Lee always knew she would have her own design business. She established Future Glory Co. in 2013, pairing her graphic design background with her experience working in her mom’s seamstress shop as kid. The socially-conscious, handcrafted leather bag and accessories company actively seeks to hire people with diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Originally using Pinterest to brainstorm branding and product ideas, Theresa now uses Pinterest as a research tool for future products and as a way to drive traffic and sales to her website.

Theresa Lee, Founder
Future Glory Co. - San Francisco, California
“When I started the company, I created secret boards with my partner so we could collect ideas on the direction we wanted to go with branding and bag styles. It was our go-to place—a place to store ideas and have everything in one place.”

Hart Studio

After graduating from college with a degree in Mandarin, Hart Hagerty moved to Shanghai for six years, where she worked as a fashion editor and trend researcher. Inspired by traditional Chinese designs, she launched her line of tassel earrings, produced entirely by Chinese artisans. So far she has sold over 15,000 pairs!

Hart uses Pinterest as a source of daily inspiration for her business, and creates boards to show customers how to wear Hart Studio products, which helps boost her sales.

Hart Hagerty, Founder
Hart Studio - Charleston, South Carolina
“I came out with a line of really big statement earrings for the holiday season and as soon as the collection launched, women told me that they were intimidated by them and didn’t really know how to wear them. I thought of creating Pinterest boards with clothing inspiration to show women easy outfits that they can wear with the earrings.”

Tailors’ Keep

Ryan Devens was on track to get his MBA and work for a large corporate fashion company when he decided that he wanted to become a tailor. In 2015, he fulfilled his dream by opening his shop, Tailors’ Keep, in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco. He now makes custom suits for men.

Before his clients come in for their first visit, Ryan asks them to go on Pinterest and create a board of styles they like, to help gauge what they’re looking for and boost their confidence.

Ryan Devens, Founder
Tailors' Keep - San Francisco, California
“Pinterest for me is a way to communicate with my clients. I encourage them to get on Pinterest and save Pins and create boards of suits they like. They can then show me what they have in mind. It’s more effective than explaining what they have in mind. Pinterest gives them a visual language.”


Two years ago, Shannon Maldonado left her full-time corporate fashion job in New York City to pursue her dream of opening a home goods shop in South Philadelphia. She felt like there was a void for a more lively home goods space—and knew she could fill it. Yowie is now a vibrant part of the Philly community and sells everything from punchy art to skateboard decks and colorful ceramics.

Originally using Pinterest to lay out what her dream store would look like, Shannon now uses Pinterest to tell the story of her brand, to source cool items and to promote her products outside of her brick and mortar space.

Shannon Maldonado, Founder
Yowie - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“We share our inspiration through our Pinterest page which can be anything from a vibrant interior to a graphic concert flyer. It helps tell the story of our brand before people even find our products or the shop.”

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