Here’s how people shop on Pinterest

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When 31-year-old Ori in LA wanted a fresh look, he turned to Pinterest for help. Ori browsed the latest trends and searched his favorite brands. Soon his boards were full of new ideas–and a few days later, so was his closet. “Pinterest opened a door to a room full of clothes I’d never seen before,” said Ori.1

We hear lots of of stories like Ori’s, because 90% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.Compared to other sites, Pinterest is more likely to impact what people buy.3 When we ask people why that is, they point to the unique mix of inspiring images and personalized recommendations. That combo helps people move from open-minded discovery, to confident decisions.

We wanted to learn more about Pinterest’s role in the path to purchase, so we surveyed 4,061 weekly Pinners about their shopping habits. Their answers made it clear: Pinterest shapes which products people buy, the brands they choose and how much they spend.

The study also showed that brands play a special role on Pinterest. People actually want to see content from brands while they’re on the platform–78% say it’s useful.4 That’s because Pins from brands make it easier to find new products and make the best decision. We even see a good number of people using Pinterest in-store to look back at their product wishlists.

As you plan your next Pinterest campaign, think about opportunities across the entire path to purchase. You can reach people while they’re actively considering what to do or buy next–and build long-lasting customer relationships. Here’s a snapshot of our latest insights to help you reach shoppers every step of the way.

path to purchase infographic

For more tips on using Pinterest, check out our retail series. So far, we’ve covered awareness, new customers, sales and retention.

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