Here are the 2019 resolutions people are searching for on Pinterest

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Family first! People on Pinterest are looking to prioritize quality time with their families in 2019. What’s more, 71% of people on Pinterest who mentioned this resolution, used Pinterest to find activities to do with their family.1

The top family-focused resolutions for 2019 are:1

  1. Find more activities to do with my family

  2. Spend time with my kids

  3. Spend time with my friends

Corresponding interests for targeting: Family activities, Parenting advice, Amusement parks, Family destinations


People are inviting friends and family to hold them accountable for fitness resolutions. 54% of people on Pinterest shared health-related resolution Pins with their friends and family for the year ahead.1 What’s more, people are looking for all kinds of ways to fit more fitness into their day—searches and saves for band workouts have grown 1913% year over year.2

The top health-conscious resolutions for 2019 are:1

  1. Get fit

  2. Cook at home more  

  3. Start taking vitamins and supplements

Corresponding interests for targeting: Lifestyle, Fat-burning food, Nutrition

Financial Planning

While managing personal finances can be tricky business, this year people on Pinterest are in search of financial freedom. Searches for 52-week savings plan are up 295% year over year.2

The top personal finance resolutions for 2019 are:1

  1. Save more

  2. Create a detailed budget

  3. Spend less

Corresponding interests for targeting: Finance, New Year’s, Retirement planning, Budget holiday ideas


New year, new home! People use Pinterest to get their houses feeling more like home, and this year, among other things, they’re searching for new ways to organize tucked away spaces. While home organization is a resolution we see pop up year after year, this year more than any other, it's closet organization that's gaining some serious momentum—searches for this trend have grown 23% year over year.3

The top resolutions for home-dwellers this year are:1

  1. Organize my space

  2. Decorate a space in my home

  3. Update the look of my bedroom

Corresponding interests for targeting: Home decor, Home and garden, Bedroom, Decoration


Up, up and away! People are embarking on new adventures in 2019—and they’re looking to Pinterest to help them decide where to go next. 75% of Pinners say that they use Pinterest to discover new travel destinations when planning their trips for the year ahead.1

Here’s the travel resolutions that are taking off in 2019:1

  1. Go on a road trip

  2. Take more weekend getaways

  3. Get out and go hiking

Corresponding interests for targeting: Travel, New Year’s, Family destinations, Budget holiday


Out with the old, in with the new. People on Pinterest are looking for ideas to give their beauty routines a fresh face. To gather opinions on which trends are right for them, they’re sharing ideas with family and friends. 3 in 4 people on Pinterest say that they share beauty-related resolution Pins with friends, family and beauty professionals.1 

The top resolutions among beauty buffs on Pinterest this year are:1

  1. Try new makeup ideas

  2. Adopt a new skincare regimen

  3. Try a new hair color

Corresponding interests for targeting: Gold nails, Party nail design, Hairstyles, New Year’s

New Year’s resolutions can be tough to keep—but people on Pinterest know they don’t have to be. 1 in 3 Pinners said Pinterest helped when they “hit a wall” in keeping their resolution. You can help people stay on track.1 Show them how your brand can help make their 2019 resolution a reality.

We have help for your whole year of content! Check out our seasonal insights guide to see which moments matter most to people on Pinterest all year long, and how your brand can play a part.


—Thea Carp, currently saving to Scratch That


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2Pinterest internal data. YoY% increases are calculated using normalized searches on each trend from January - September 2017 to January - September 2018

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