Helping you put the interest graph to work

The interest graph

Every day, millions of people pin content they love into collections on Pinterest called boards. These boards are focused on specific interests, and are followed by people who are passionate about those interests.

It’s not uncommon for a single object to be pinned to a variety of boards that represent a variety of interests. For example, one pinner might pin an image of a pair of shoes to a board called “Summer Style,” while another might pin that same image to a board called “Sustainably Made Products” and a third Pinner Pins it to a board called “Perfect for Traveling.” That single pair of shoes is now discoverable to 3 different groups of people with 3 different interests in mind: fashion, sustainability and travel tips.

Through this process of collecting and sharing, Pinners are organizing the web’s content into interests. Just as search engines use technology to index the web’s pages and help people find specific answers to specific queries, Pinners are indexing the web’s objects and helping people discover things they love.

As more content from your sites and apps gets Pinned, the more discoverable it becomes to a larger audience of Pinners.

Making it easy to get started

The good news is that you can start putting the interest graph to work today, and it's a lot easier than you might think. We’ve built an easy-to-use platform designed to make it super simple for businesses to use when and how they want to use it.

As a first step, head over to our Business Site and get set up with a business account and a verified domain. Then download our Best Practices Guide, which will show you how to implement the Pin It button on your site, enable rich Pins, use analytics to learn what Pinners like most from your site, and establish your business presence on Pinterest.

More to come

We’ll be using this blog to keep you up to date on new features for businesses, insights and case studies to inspire your strategies and industry trends to help you be more successful on Pinterest.

We’re looking forward to working together to create a great experience for Pinners and helping your business get the most out of Pinterest.

—Steve Patrizi, currently saving ideas to Print Ads We Love