Help Pinners plan something special for the holidays

Images of different gift baskets

'Tis the season for sales

Overall, holiday sales are on the rise this year, with a projected 2% increase leading to nearly $917 billion in holiday sales!4 71% of holiday shoppers say they like searching for gifts online.5 And Pinterest helps you reach these shoppers before they’ve decided which gift they’re going for.

With 70% of shoppers saying they purchased brands they considered early (rather than those found later on), you’re more likely to turn a window-shopper into a loyal customer when you reach them in the beginning.6 Start sharing your holiday ideas now, so you can grab people's attention just as they begin shopping.

Download our holiday report to find out more about this year’s trending gifts. We’ve also included tips to help you have a successful holiday season.

Stay tuned for more from our series of posts, aimed at helping you get the most out of the holidays!

—Thea Carp, saving to my home


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