Help people pursue their interests


Exploring interests is a huge part of how people use Pinterest (interest is our middle name, after all!). We often check in to see how and what people Pin, and what we’ve learned is that people’s interests generally fall into five categories:

—a passion that’s a core part of who you are, like music, photography or sports
—a vocation that’s part of your training, like a teacher using Pinterest to find lesson plan ideas or an architect sharing design ideas with a client
—a hobby that you do for fun, like running or fishing
—a project that has an end goal, like a wedding or redecorating your living room
—a preference that can change, like your taste in colors or types of shoes

The most successful businesses on Pinterest create and curate Pins that help people pursue their interests. When you evaluate your own approach, try doing a little upfront research on your target customer.

Ask yourself: what kinds of things is my customer into? Do a search on Pinterest to see what types of Pins relate to those things. How do people organize boards around that interest? After you figure that out, think about what content your business already has that you could add to Pinterest so people can explore their interests further.

Like the neighborhood hardware store owner who shows you how to fix your sink or the real estate agent who knows exactly what kind of home fits your family, businesses that move beyond just selling something are the ones to create connections that last longer than a single transaction.

—Kevin Knight, currently saving ideas to Gardening