Help people celebrate the modern dad this Father’s Day

Each year, 15 million people save 45 million Father’s Day Pins, and 4 million people conduct 12 million Father’s Day searches
Who’s that dad?

The modern dad approaches fatherhood with hands-on enthusiasm, spending an average of 59 minutes per day caring for his kids (compared to just 16 minutes in 1965). For him, Father’s Day is all about togetherness.

Pinterest dads are also more likely to be influencers when it comes to trends and things to buy. It’s no wonder they’re so in the know: 66% say Pinterest helps them find things they want to buy, 70% say it introduces them to new brands and services and 82% say it helps them discover new things. They turn to Pinterest to enrich their lives, and they often search for things to do that very day or later that week.  

Ideas for your Father’s Day content

Go where the dads go. Dads’ top categories include DIY projects, home decor, style, food and drink and the outdoors. Some specific topics they really like include garage DIY, road trips, man caves, hairstyles, tattoos, grilling, breakfast, camping and travel.

Get creative. The Pinterest 100 highlights this year’s biggest trends for men, from statement socks to outdoors-inspired casual wear. Use these trends to create special products and experiences for Dads.

Take the guesswork out of gifting. Create a board to highlight the gifts dads really want. Gift traffic picks up in May, so make sure your boards are up by then.

How to structure your campaigns

Suggested keywords: Fathers day, fathers day gifts, father's day ideas, fathers day crafts for kids, fathers day crafts, fathers day cards, fathers day DIY, fathers day homemade, fathers day activities and fathers day brunch.

Suggested interests for targeting: Humor, outdoors, food, travel, DIY, crafts, kids

Start now! We’re already seeing Father’s Day searches and saves, and the activity will keep climbing all the way to June 18.


Spread the love this Father’s Day—for Dad and your brand. Find extra inspiration on our Father’s Day board so you can plan the perfect campaign.

—Brad Spychalski, saving to my threads

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