Guide millennial shoppers to the perfect gifts

Millenial Gifting

There’s nothing more satisfying than knocking it out of the park with a present, but finding that perfect gift can be a challenge. 85% of Pinners say their most important holiday to-do is finding new gift ideas for family and friends. And when it’s time to start shopping, they turn to Pinterest more than other digital platforms.

Millennials save more gift ideas than other Pinners. But not just any gift will do: they’re matching gifts to each recipient’s tastes, interests and needs. They also search for terms like “unique gifts” at a much higher rate than other audiences. This makes a lot of sense, because millennials tend to celebrate individuality and use purchases to express who they are.  

Pinners started gift-hunting in September, but shopping continues all the way up to Dec. 24. Help last-minute shoppers sort through our 743+ million gift Pins with inspiring, themed gift guides. Here are six tips to help millennial Pinners finish their shopping lists:

Make it personal

Lean into millennials’ individuality with personalized gift suggestions. You can take that literally, like kate spade new york’s board of customizable gifts. Or, go the figurative route and help Pinners figure out what each recipient really wants, like eBay’s Thoughtful gifting campaign.

Show the price is right

Gift budgets can vary widely, so make sure to show a range of price points. DaWanda created an entire board of budget gifts to help cost-conscious shoppers.

Provide a point of view

Even if you don’t sell giftable products, guides can help tell your brand’s story. Lifestyle blogger and Pin Collective member Ashley Kane created gift boards that show her style and taste.

Think digital

76% of millennials plan to shop online this season, so you should plan for digital discovery. Brit+Co is sharing DIY video tutorials in our Explore section. You can also use our new showcase profile to put products front and center on your Pinterest page, like Monogram’s shoppable showcase. Once you add a showcase, make sure to promote it from your other marketing communications so Pinners visit your profile.

Make it last

Millennials take sustainability seriously. High-quality materials are sure to catch their eye, like the home goods on The Citizenry’s Give thoughtfully board.

Help people treat themselves

83% of millennials buy things for themselves while shopping for other people! Elle’s Some to give and (some to keep) board keeps this habit in mind.

Now’s the time to put your final holiday push into action. And remember: gift-hunting doesn’t stop after Dec 24. Millennials show higher gift engagement throughout the entire year–so you should always think about how to get in their baskets.

—Xenia Nosov, currently saving ideas to --buy--