Getting started # 6: Use the Pin It button

Bonobos Pin it button from website

One of the most important ways you can get discovered on Pinterest and drive traffic to your website is through the Pin It button. Add the button your website, and you’ll make it easier for people to share your stuff back to Pinterest.

All about the Pin It button
We’ve found that when the Pin It button is front and center on your site’s pages, people are more likely to add Pins to Pinterest—and that means more people discovering your stuff and clicking back to your site. You can get the button in different sizes and shapes, including a hover button that appears on all of your site’s images when someone mouses over them. Just copy and paste a few lines of code to put Pin It buttons next to images on your site. You can build a Pin It Button for your website using our widget builder.

If you have a or Wix site, you can get specially made Pin It button plug-ins.

If you have a verified website, you can track the Pin It button’s impact in your analytics.