Getting started #3: Create helpful boards

By now, you’re well acquainted with Pins and how they can help people discover your business. Now, let’s focus on boards, which house different groups of Pins. Organizing your Pins on boards can tell a rich story about your business.

Boards are where you organize your Pins
Use boards to:

  • share what inspires your brand
  • show off your products and how to use them
  • inspire your audience to start engaging with your Pinterest profile

Questions to help you brainstorm boards

  • What interests, hobbies and lifestyles relate to my business?
  • Who is my target audience and how can I help them find ideas for their projects and interests?

Looking for some Pinspiration?
Starbucks has boards named The Perfect Latte, and Mornings which reflect what their business is all about. Starbucks fills these boards with a blend of Pins from their website, other websites and Pinterest.