Get your tickets to the Pinterest House at SXSW ‘18

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We’re turning the town’s famous Container Bar into the Pinterest House for our biggest SXSW yet. This year’s highlight is the Taste Tuner—a SXSW exclusive experience that breaks down how Pinterest helps people discover new ideas to try, and how brands can reach them when it matters most. Stop by to get a peek under the hood at how Pinterest works its magic. And with free food, drinks and live music, you won’t want to miss out.

But that’s not it! We’ve lined up six talks with industry experts to discuss how technology is changing how people discover new ideas, and what marketers can do to keep up. RSVP ASAP below—seats are going fast!

Can’t make it to a talk? All booked up? Don’t worry—you can watch them all on Facebook Live, including a tour of the Pinterest House and a demo of the Taste Tuner on March 10th at 10am CST.

The New World of Microadventure… Thanks to Tech

Saturday, 3/10 - 11:00am CST

Pinterest House @ Container Bar

The Scandinavians have a phrase: the doorstep mile, or the idea that the first mile from your front door is the hardest. Hear from the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and Pinterest on how to discover new ideas and go somewhere you’ve never been.

Join Eric Edge, Head of Global Marketing Communications, Pinterest, in conversation with Alastair Humphreys, Adventurer and Author.

RSVP for the talk on Facebook Live, or click above to get your in-person ticket.

Accounting for Human Tastes: Marketing and AI

Saturday, 3/10 - 12:30pm CST

Pinterest House @ Container Bar

What do hundreds of millions of humans, billions of things at large, and trillions of engagement signals tell us about what people truly want? For the first time in history, machines can actually “see” things, understand what they are, and process huge amounts of data about the relationships between them. Learn how brands are using insights and machine learning to move people from inspiration to action and the key role marketers play in this journey.

Join our panel moderated by Alex Heath, Senior Reporter, Cheddar with Arun Ranganathan, Creative Technology Lead, Pinterest, Rachel Weiss, VP, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, L'Oréal and Melanie Babcock, Senior Director, Agile Marketing (Audience), Social Media, AdTech & Display, Home Depot.

RSVP for the talk on Facebook Live, or click above to get your in-person ticket.

The New Arbiters of Taste

Sunday, 3/11 - 11:00am CST

Pinterest House @ Container Bar

It used to be that magazine editors dictated lifestyle trends for the world. With the democratization of content creation and new forms of distribution, individuals with great taste are now just as influential. Through AI and machine learning, platforms aren’t just enabling these new arbiters of taste, but they’re tapping into collective human intelligence of everyday tastemakers to power their own content and personalization engines. How can brands market in this new age of the tastemaker?

Join our panel moderated by Vikram Bhaskaran, Head of Market Development, Pinterest with Kate Barnett, CEO, Man Repeller, Anjelika Temple, CCO, Brit + Co and Michael Broukhim, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, FabFitFun.

RSVP for the talk on Facebook Live, or above to get your in-person ticket.

Building a 21st Century Entertainment Brand

Sunday, 3/11 - 12:30pm CST

Pinterest House @ Container Bar

Few industries have been impacted by shifting consumer behaviors more than entertainment. With appointment television quickly becoming obsolete and consumers seeking snack-sized content from new and alternative platforms, how can entertainment brands keep up? Hear how industry leaders are bucking tradition, leaning into insights and redefining the future of entertainment.

Join our panel moderated by Brad Spychalski, Creative Strategy Lead West, Pinterest with Doug Rozen, Chief Digital Officer, OMD and Chad Ludwig, Head of Brand Marketing, Fandango.

RSVP for the talk on Facebook Live, or click above to get your in-person ticket.

The Flow State: How to Tap into Consumers’ Brains

Sunday, 3/11 - 5:00pm CST

Fairmont - Congressional A (101 Red River)

Whether you call it "the zone" or the "flow state," when you're in it, you know it – you're completely focused and motivated to take action. Call it the next digital marketing evolution: instead of encouraging people to spend time online in a passive and unproductive way, brands like Pinterest and Stella Artois are using this heightened state of productivity to inspire people to take action in the physical world. The speakers will share how marketers can take advantage of this "flow state" to create meaningful experiences.

Join Raashi Rosenberger, Creative Strategy Lead, East, Pinterest in conversation with Ben Butler, Global Marketing Director, Stella-Artois, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Click here to register for this event as it won't be streamed on Facebook Live. 

Next-Gen Content Marketing: Reaching Digital Natives

Wednesday, 3/14 - 2:00pm CST

Fairmont - Congressional C (101 Red River)

We live in an age of an endless barrage of media, from streaming content on services like Netflix, stunning imagery on Pinterest and insightful long form and short form content from innovative brands like Intuit. Hear from three brand leaders how research and insights power content, why the camera is the new keyboard and how to create next-level social content.

Join Aaron Strout, Chief Marketing Officer, W2O in conversation with Brian Monahan, Head of Vertical Strategy at Pinterest, Christine Morrison, Director of Marketing, Social at Intuit and Mike Clarke, Director of UX Research and Product Insights at Netflix.

Click here to register for the event as it won't be streamed on Facebook Live. 


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