Get to know inspired shoppers on Pinterest

Inspired shopper

Who are inspired shoppers?

They’re customers who’ll make a difference for your business.  

As the world adjusts to a new normal, consumers are shifting more of their spending to online channels. And shoppers are turning to Pinterest for fresh ideas to help them adapt to a different way of life.

Weekly Pinners shop more frequently1 and are willing to try new brands.2 And they spend more—some 1.6x more, on average, than people who don’t use Pinterest.3

Shopper infographic

Finding new ideas

As the vertical strategist at Pinterest for retail, I can relate. I love finding new ideas that make life easier and more fulfilling. Things I come across during the discovery phase—before I’ve even decided what I’ll eventually buy—often end up in my cart. Turns out, I’m not alone. Weekly Pinners are 1.35x more likely than non-Pinners to say that the “inspiration phase” helps them identify brands they’re interested in buying from.4

In fact, it happened recently when I moved into a new house. A couple weeks of tripping over my kids’ stuff in the entryway convinced me I needed a way to organize their shoes, coats and other gear. Should it be hooks? Cubbies? Baskets? Shelves? Help!

After visually searching through entryway systems on Pinterest, I found one that would work for the space. The retailer that ended up with my money was one whose Pins had shown me how to deal with the mess when I was first looking for inspiration. And truth be told, it was a brand that I initially wouldn’t have considered.

5 ways to reach inspired shoppers

Inspiration matters. Because people on Pinterest are inspired to shop, incremental sales from Pinterest cost 57% less for retail advertisers than from other social media.5

When they’re deciding what to buy, you want to be there. We’ve improved our shopping products and features to make it even easier for you to reach inspired shoppers on Pinterest. 

I’ll be sharing how you can reach shoppers on Pinterest in a webinar called Inspiration Matters: How Retailers can find success on Pinterest on April 7 at 11am PDT. 

Here are five things you can do now:

  1. If you don’t already have one, open a business account on Pinterest to get started and access our analytics and audience insights tools
  2. Build trust with consumers and become eligible for increased distribution through our Verified Merchant program.
  3. Upload your products to Pinterest through Pinterest Catalogs, our product feed ingestion tool.
  4. Use Shopping Ads to promote your products to reach more Pinners and optimize performance once you’ve set up your product groups within Catalogs.
  5. Take advantage of dynamic retargeting to reach Pinners who previously visited your site, but didn’t purchase, as they continue to browse home feed.

Shopping experiences aren’t linear, and no two are the same. Pinterest is building for the new ways people shop in the digital age. Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements coming later this year.

—Amy Vener, currently saving to Bedroom Inspiration

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