Get more downloads with new App Pins

Get more downloads with new App Pins

With more than 75% of traffic to Pinterest coming from mobile devices, we wanted to make finding apps for all types of interests a little bit easier.

When you come across an App Pin in the wild on an iOS device, you’ll see an app icon right on the Pin as well as an install button. Tap the button to download the app right to your iPhone or iPad.

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To create an App Pin that links to the App Store, do the following:

1. From the board view, select Add a Pin, then Your device
2. Upload a high-resolution image of your app
3. Set the destination URL to your app’s page with the App Store

For now, App Pins are US-only and specifically for iOS apps, although we look forward to bringing this Pin type to more Pinners in the future. These Pins also aren’t available for promotion through our Promoted Pins offering just yet.

For more ways to optimize your app for discovery, read our best practices.

—Xenia Nosov, currently saving ideas to Amazing Places