Gen Xers on Pinterest: An audience you’ll regret to forget

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A big, bountiful bunch

Working with research firm db5, we looked at a year’s worth of search and save data and ran an online survey to identify the habits of older Gen Xers—those aged 45-54. As it turns out, Pinterest reaches 1 in 2 people in that group.5 And they’ve got cash to burn—66% of Pinners ages 45-54 have a household income of $75k or more.6

But what are they doing on Pinterest? They’re looking for ideas and planning for the next stage of their lives, from empty nest-ing to retirement and beyond.

Planning their next lives

As older Gen Xers start to shift from work-lives to lives of leisure, brands have the opportunity to help them make the most of their retirement. “It's natural to me to use Pinterest to plan things,” says Kris, a Gen Xer in Wisconsin. “I think it's one of the first things I do when I'm going to try something new, or plan something. I like to put my ideas on Pinterest.”

We found that Gen Xers like Kris want brands to help them make decisions about products. 87% say they appreciate it when brands guide them on how to use a product, and another 84% like it when a brand shows them something unique.7

When they find the right ideas for them, they don’t hesitate to try them, with 70% saying they’re willing to spend what’s needed to achieve their future goals. In fact, these Gen X Pinners are 23% more likely than non-Pinners to indulge in luxuries every now and then, and 24% more likely to shop across new categories.8

And while they’re willing to treat themselves, they’re also looking for ways to plan and save for the future. These Gen X Pinners are 63% more likely than non-Pinners to report saving for retirement as their biggest priority.9 They’re 67% more likely to say staying healthy and physically fit is a primary goal, too.10

Reaching Gen Xers

So how can brands help this audience plan for the future? We’ve broken out three of their top categories to help you reach them.

Home: For this group, life revolves around the home. That’s why they come to Pinterest—the #1 home decor destination for Pinners 45-54.11 80% believe their home reflects who they are, and 2 in 3 older Gen X Pinners say they’re frequently researching and planning home-related purchases.12

Try showcasing how your product helps them cater to a family or child’s needs at home, and realize that this group is ready to spend what it takes. 79% say their home needs to be functional for a family or children, and 58% say they purchase high-quality items for the home.13

Their top saved home ideas: mosaic stairs, bathroom remodeling and decorating on a budget.

Travel: Pinterest is the top travel destination for Gen X Pinners, who are the primary travel decision makers—77% make most of the decisions related to family travel.14 And when they travel, they spend. 86% usually purchase things related to their trip before they travel, and 1 in 2 say they like to experience luxury when they travel.15

Given 83% say they spend a few weeks or more researching their travel purchases, try adding helpful info to your travel ideas.16 But also realize it’s always about the family—67% say family time is most important when choosing where to go, and 80% say they usually take leisure trips with their spouse or partner.17

Their top saved travel ideas: travel outfits, nature vacations and art hotspots.

Beauty: Pinterest is also the top beauty spot for older Gen X Pinners. They’re actively looking for beauty ideas, with 40% having a personal goal of preventing signs of aging, and one in three spending $50 or more on beauty products monthly.18 

When targeting this group, help them find new products to add to their beauty regimens. 70% say they want to try different skin care products and routines, and 78% say they’re interested in learning about new beauty brands and products.19

Their top saved beauty ideas: makeup tips, skincare routines and vegan skincare.

–Thea Carp, saving to scratch that

Learn more about audiences?

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