From hygiene to hair health, Pinterest gets personal

From hygiene to hair health, Pinterest gets personal

Here’s the rundown on our most popular personal care topics:

  • Skincare: Skincare is the largest category for personal care searches on Pinterest. Every year, 5 million Pinners conduct 20 million skincare-related searches.3 This category skews to millennials and teenagers, who are looking for ways to zap acne, protect their skin and make their own products at home (ex. face masks and deodorant).

  • Health and wellness: This is our second most popular search category in personal care, with over 11 million annual searches.4 People use Pinterest to find on-the-spot remedies for ailments like coughs, back pain and acid reflux. They’re also looking for vitamins so they can stay healthier all year round.

  • Hair health and shaving solutions: When it comes to hair, people either want to get rid of it or make the most of it! 2.1 million people use Pinterest to search for shaving and hair removal content, including Pins about facial hair removal for women and beard oil for men. Meanwhile, we see over 1.5 million searches for hair health topics. Subjects like dandruff, hair nutrition and solutions for thick, strong hair are especially popular.   

  • Shower and bath: With 5 million Pins about the sudsy side of life, this category appeals to people of all ages. Soap and shampoo are the stars of the show for this category, since they’re an important foundation of people’s daily routines.

  • Oral hygiene: Most of our 4.2 million oral health searches focus on finding the secret to a brighter, whiter smile. People want to avoid the dentist, so they’re looking for home whitening solutions.

  • Feminine hygiene: We see 5 million searches for female hygiene content every year. In a behavioral study, millennial women told us they search on Pinterest for guidance about topics like feminine care and parenting tips.

  • Beauty: Beauty topics fluctuate throughout the year, mapping to seasonal trends. We’re already seeing emerging trends for spring ‘17 trends hit all over Pinners’ boards. This year mauve is the new pink, with mauve hair and beauty looks up 40% over last year. And while the weather is warming up, people are turning to cooler tones for a bolder lip. Searches for blue lipstick are up nearly 50% in the U.S.

When you create personal care content for Pinterest, focus on the specific benefits that your product provides. For this category, people want to understand how the product will work for them, how it will fit into their routine or how it will improve their health. When people respond by clicking or saving, you know that they’re getting closer to purchase.

Once you find a content strategy that works for you, try promoting some Pins to boost your reach and engagement. Our studies show that Promoted Pins drive incremental in-store sales—so they’re a great way to grow your business and show Pinners that you understand their needs.

--Thea Carp, currently saving to makeup

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